Sunday, December 21, 2014


The good news is that Left Brain is feeling much better now, after passing his cold off on to me.  He is always so good about sharing.

The bad news is that he felt so good he took off on his usual 15 mile bike ride.  

I was busy playing pickleball, minding my own business, when after our game ended he called me over from where he was sitting on the bench.  I thought he came to see me sweet.

When I approached him he said how well I had been playing and then casually added that we needed to go to Urgent Care....that he might need stitches.

It seems that his front tire hit something funny and down he went, and while trying to break his fall he split his palm open.  It looked nasty and I'll spare you any photos of the actual injury.  I guess the blood on his legs should have been my first clue something was wrong.

We hustled off to Urgent Care, which was located quite close to us, and he received the first stitches in his 68 years, which is really something of a miracle to those who know him well.
The PA that worked on him said he was lucky it wasn't lower because it could have affected several tendons.

After receiving his 13 stitches we went out for lunch since it was noon and we were already out of the house.  He was much calmer about this than I was.

I had been enjoying our new routine of leaving all the dishes for him to wash while I waltzed out the door to go play, but he is unable to submerge his hand right now so he's relegated to being the dryer.

Amazingly he said it really didn't hurt and he was back out there biking again the following day...but with gloves on now.

It's never boring with him around.

Long Live the Queen of Stitches


  1. Au contraire Queen Jester, Left Brain would be the King Of Stitches... may the healing be quick.

  2. So glad it wasn't worse - washing dishes is like driving the RV, etc. You need to do it once in a while to keep in practice!

  3. Gosh, that looks sore!! Here's wishing him a speedy recovery. I just love your fence photos. Those bushes are beautiful. What kind of flowers are they? That sunshine is awesome. We've been having light snow since yesterday afternoon. The only redeeming factor of it is that it won't flood my basement. (like rain) Stay well and have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.

  4. Will he be able to play pickleball? Oh, he didn't before, did he? I am glad he was okay and got to for help.
    I hope you have been enjoying a blessed Channukah. I must say that being alone at Christmas makes me very sad and lonely.

  5. Oh my ... I can see how he was lucky in several ways if you can see the silver lining in a 13 stiches accident. I recently stuck my middle finger (don't even say it :) into the hedge trimmer and sliced my nail into pieces as well as crushing the bone in the tip of the finger. I can honestly say, it didn't hurt that much ... BUT, where your LB was lucky is that his injury was in a place where they could numb it before they put stiches in. Picture stiches going through a nail, in and out, without pain killer. As I went through the ceiling, the doctor said ..."Oh, I am so sorry. The fingers are a hard place for the nerve block to take!" Then proceeded to put in two more stitches the same way. So LB count your blessing ... if you were going to do it, you did it the right way. But the downside is that it will be quite awhile before he can do dishes again.

    Sounds like you are making the most of your new location and, I am sure, getting in some holiday partying while you are at it. I am so far behind in reading and commenting on my favorite blogs ... I have missed your humor and look forward to getting back to a normal life (post Christmas) again soon. Hope you Holidays are wonderful Queen of Dirty Dish Water ... I will be seeing more of you again soon, I hope. Best Wishes, my dear Sista ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  6. Ouch indeed! This looks rather nasty. I can't believe it doesn't hurt much nor that he was out biking again the next day. Hope you both had a lovely Christmas and that 2015 is magical. :)