Tuesday, December 9, 2014

George's Thundershirt

I wasn't sure this contraption would really work and hated spending the money on it, but it has proven to be a lifesaver.

George tends to be easily frightened and this has been helpful during thunderstorms, traveling and clipping toenails....each of which is equally terrifying to him.

It's a simple concept, like swaddling a baby...or strapping a crazy person in a straitjacket.  The feeling of pressure on his neck and chest provide a soothing sensation and helps to ease his anxiety.  It makes nail clipping a breeze.

I would fight this nail clipping session but I feel so relaxed I just can't bring myself to do it.

I imagine it's like the feeling of the heavy lead pad laid over your chest at the dentist for x-rays.  I usually ask them to leave it on me during the exam as I find the weight of it soothing.  I wonder if they make these in human sizes?

He's fully able to move about and walk, although he seems to just fall over and lay down for the most part.  Even though Gracie is easier to clip, this still makes the job even simpler.

Anything to keep my furbabies happy.  

Keep calm and carry on.

Long Live the Queen of Calm Cats


  1. i've heard several folks who have used them on their dogs saying they seem to work. glad to hear it works on cats, too!

  2. And George does not go into full scaredy cat mode as you try to apply his jacket? The falling over activity I understand; or,well, actually I don't understand why. One of my kits is certain that he cannot function with a harness on. He falls over or down and thinks he cannot walk. It is not a problem of actual constriction. For a moment there I thought of using a cat harness for nail trimming this cat, but I want to improve his feelings about the harness eventually. I am willing to consider an emotional cumber jacket to reduce the drawn-out nail trimming torture event. Yes, it's all about our furry children.
    P.S. I tried putting on this boy's harness on before feeding him, hoping the food would distract him from the harness trauma; he crawled to his food bowl, and even his eating was impaired in some obscure way. He was pathetic.

    1. He doesn't fight it at all - just stands there and lets me attach it. Your description of him crawling to his food dish with the harness made me chuckle but I can sympathize with you. It's so hard to know what's going through their little furry heads! I'm thinking your guy must have a flair for drama?

  3. I've read about these shirts, and had thought about getting one for Pogo for travelling on an airplane, but he is a super traveler. However, I may get one any way to put on him when we are having thunder storms. The loud noises make him nervous. I'm so glad to hear how well the jacket works. I must pass this news on to my daughter Audrey. The photos of George are adorable. You hve a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

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    1. In all reality, the thunder shirt may relax George, but it makes you happy. He is probably a little embarrassed to be wearing clothes. Yeah, kind of like Grizelda in antlers!