Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time with friends

It's been a pleasant time here at Ham Lake. 

We've been to soccer games where I got to watch Kiersten be the goalie for her team.  That is one tough little girl.  I'd be scared of getting kicked in the face.  It had been raining earlier (seems to be normal where ever we go lately) and she managed to get pretty muddied up.  But their team won so we celebrated by going to Cherry Berry for self serve frozen yogurt, one of my favorite things to do.

Note the color of her socks versus all the other white ones.  The dude photobombing us is her dad, Ted.
When Kiersten was away at Bible Camp, Emily had her friend come to visit with her.  They dragged what the neighbors here have been calling "the party barge" out into the lake for a little floating and conversation.

We've been able to get to know our neighbors much better as we've had some downtime to be able to visit and the weather cooperated to allow us all to be outside.

Last Wednesday we had a gathering at the pavillion so many of us could connect and share a potluck supper.  It was also a surprise birthday celebration for Doug who will be turning 62 very soon.  I've been told that I will have the same thing the last Wednesday in July but to be sure and act surprised.  Heck, with my memory I probably will be surprised.

We shared a yummy lunch with our daughter, Stephanie, at a Thai restaurant to celebrate the hiring of her new assistant.  Any excuse to gather for food works in our family.

The family is off enjoying their vacation in Yellowstone now  and Left Brain and I plan to do some work around the house for them while they are gone.  The kids bedrooms need painting before their new beds arrive, and it's much easier to get things done while they are away.  So, we'll go hang out with Zeke the WonderDog do a little painting and such.

Since we have decent internet here in the park, I took the opportunity to file for my Social Security retirement benefits.  It's still hard for me to believe I'll be 62 in July...I look so YOUNG.  My theory is if you believe it, it will be so...regardless of what my mirror indicates.

Long Live the Queen of Good Times


  1. Who needs a mirror anyway when you are permanently on vacation!

  2. What do you mean you look so young ... you are young. 62 is young and you get younger as you go along (you know, second, third and forth childhood). That being the case, I am much younger than you, but I have been collecting my social security for ten years ... oh my goodness. We are lucky we have SS, given the way some people want to do away with it. So grab it and spend it while you can young lady ... time could change everything. Of course, living in a Canned Ham, is a good plan for the future. No mortgage worries, you can go where the kids are (or get away from them as the case may be for some ... not you). You can go where there is peace and quiet or where there are naked store owners ... so many choices for such a young person. Well, I will let you go paint the rooms that you already painted. I am sure the girls are going to love them ... they look beautiful (the rooms and the girls). Until another day Queen of Sweet Young Things ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope there is Social Security if Bill is ever able to retire. The ways things are, I am not so sure. It seems he is paying for everyone else's "benefits"; it sure isn't benefiting him. I am glad you are enjoying family time.