Thursday, July 25, 2013

A new powder room for George and Gracie

There is a little shelf in the bedroom where the litter box fits, but it has a 4" ledge in the very back of it near the outside wall where I image some wires and cables are hidden.

This prevents the litter box from going all the way underneath and means it has to be moved each time bring the bedroom slide in.

This this inefficient irks me I just knew I had to do something about it.  So it was with trepidation that Left Brain asked me what the lumber was for when I returned from my shopping excursion.

I used 2x4s to create a support for the platform that would even out the space to a level platform.  Now the litter box tucks all the way to the wall.

Next I inserted a tension rod to hang a privacy curtain to block the area from view...and hopefully to corral some of the litter as they are now forced to exit at one end of their bathroom.    Adding a curtain blocks everything from view.

the quilt of sleeping cats was a panel I bought while In Alaska - purrfect for our bedroom

And THEN...I'm so excited about this I could just spit...I found a litter genie at Target!  I can image several of you scratching your head about now and asking, what the heck is a litter genie?

Well, let me explain what this little marvel does.  It has a roll of plastic inside that you pull down and tie a knot in to be used as a receptacle for the used litter.  Oh them golden nuggets!  You insert the clumps in the top and pull the tab to drop it into the storage container.

This eliminates the view and smell of the waste until the bag fills up, which with two cats takes about a week.  Then you open the middle area of the genie and pull down a bit more of the plastic, cutting it off with the cutter inside and tie another knot.  Remove the bag and repeat the process with another knot to create the second storage bag.

Having the litter box raised up the 4" allows the bathroom scale to have its own little parking garage as well as store the refills for the litter genie.

The container has it's own little scoop holder on the side and is upright and narrow, taking up very little space so it sets up on the platform as well.

It's nice to have the walkway open again and the litter at a minimum.  I don't even mind the litter that escapes with my new Dyson stick vacuum cleaner.  I have got this all under control now!

Long Live the Queen of Cat Bathroom Remodelling


  1. Having a system that works is essential. I couldn't do the Genie, though. I want it out of the house ASAP! I love cats, just not catboxes, so I am a bit obsessive about getting RID of the waste. I know they have Diaper Genies for babies, too!

  2. Great job! A very clever idea putting in that little shelf. It looks as nice as it is useful. Tell George that I thought his comment about the "hairless baby" was quite comical. Well, it's almost time to leave work and head for home. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. I was fascinated reading about the new shelf and the Litter Genie. I salute you. You are at top of my creative people list. Also like duo cat picture Postcards From The Edge posted, of camp hosts at Perrot Park. I like getting my kitty fix until someday I have another of my own. pond lois, edging my way up the bluff above pond, with more rock escarpments. :-)