Sunday, July 7, 2013

One of those days

I just knew it was going to be one of those days.  Maybe it had something to do with not being able to get to sleep until after 2:00 am and then being woke up by George at 5:00.  I finally gave in about 6:00 and fed them so I could go back to bed.

Nah, I'm pretty sure it was when George came back to snuggle and I could smell the stink of ......ewh!  Yup, we had a cat with a (I will say this as delicately as possible in case you're eating while reading this) dirty bottom.

What smell?  I don't smell anything!

Groan.  I scooped up the stinky feline and hustled into the bathroom.  Braced for a huge cat fight and resistance with all four of those feet having intact claws I ran the water and pumped out some soap.  To my surprise he tolerated the procedure quite well, not even any hissing or yowling as I bathed his offending butt.

He did seem embarrassed by the state of his straggly tail and rear haunches after being dried off.  But hey, he smelled better and now he can sit down anywhere he wants to.  I'll take wet over.....well, you know.

The day was heating up quickly with the humidity slightly winning the upwards battle.  I went for a quick (and short) walk around the park for a bit of exercise, something I've been meaning to incorporate into my daily routine but haven't gotten around to it yet.  As soon as I returned I shut all the windows and cranked up the AC.

The cats took this to be yet another new and threatening  menace and they bolted for cover.  They figured it out after a while that it was a false alarm and ventured out, only to scamper away again when the fan would kick back in.  Bit by bit they made an uneasy truce with this new sensation and remained out in the opening. 

Once it cooled off I shifted into high gear and started prepping veggies and fruit, mixing up tuna salad and preparing hard boiled eggs.  I like to do them in the oven by putting them into a muffin tin for 30 minutes at 350, but we only have 30 amp service and with the AC on it was already pulling 25 amps, so the use of the convection oven was out...unless I was willing to turn off the AC and that was not negotiable.

After cleaning up the kitchen I proceeded with some of my sewing projects I'd put off due to the heat and humidity.  There is a reason they refer to this kind of work as being in a sweat shop...especially if you live in a canned ham....   especially if it is not a refrigerated canned ham.

I finished up two table runners I'd been working on and then hemmed the curtain for the kitty litter area.  I've done a whole remodel in that area and it will be featured in a future blog post.

I wanted to get this stuff done since I had a friend and her husband stopping over about 1:00 to visit and see the RV.  Now I could put away my sewing supplies, get out the stick vac, and catch all those loose threads from sewing.

There have been some spots I'd wanted to clean but hadn't taken the time (being retired is such a busy lifestyle) and decided to put it off yet a little longer.

To keep the cats on their timetable I fed them lunch so they would have time to digest and settle in for their naps before the company arrived.

Oh no!  Who threw up?  I'm putting my money on George since he had the icky butt fur this morning.  Well, I guess I will be getting out that carpet cleaner yet!  We use a small Bissell Spotlifter and it's worth its weight in gold.  And with a small area like our RV by the time I've hit all the spots I've basically shampooed the whole carpet.

Rats!  I ran out of the cleaning solution.  Quick time check.  Yup, I still have enough time to add more to the machine and keep going.  There.  Carpet cleaned...check.

Next was the bathroom with cleaning the toilets, sink and washing the floor.  Mind you, the floor to be washed is about 14" x 16" so it didn't take long.  After finishing those nasty chores I grabbed the Windex and hit the mirrors.  Bathroom clean...check.

Back into the kitchen to touch up all the mirrors along the counter top.  It does a nice job of reflecting the light and making the space look airy but it constantly takes a beating from dishwater slopping on it and cooking mishaps.  Kitchen clean...check.

I did a quick clean up of myself after the RV was presentable and put on some clean shorts and a top.  All ready for company.  So, since I had a couple of minutes I checked the email and....there it was.  The message I neglected to get earlier that explained their need to return home sooner than anticipated and they could not stop today after all.

But I cleaned the house!  So, what's a girl to do?  Well, this one slid into her house dress (aka nightgown) and went back to doing some more sewing.  Then we sat around and relaxed with some reading, watching the news and playing games while admiring how nice the place looked when it's clean.

Later that day the thunderstorm hit and both cats scattered for safety.  This explains why Left Brain and I both had headaches a day ago.  We've reached that age where we have developed Doppler sinuses and can predict weather changes.  This might cool things down a bit, but I'm not parting with my AC anytime soon.  I need a good nights sleep tonight to prepare for tomorrows fun and games.

Long Live the Queen of Da Content...not to be confused with Dis Content


  1. Oh gosh, I do feel for you with the icky butt thing. My Pogo gets so upset when I'm getting ready to leave for work. As soon as he figures out that he can't go with me, he has a bout of anxiety and next comes the squirts. Now I have to stop and clean up all the mess, including an icky butt on him too. What us moms do in the name of love. lol. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Dang, Queen of Portrayal of Daily Doings, you had me at "One of those days" beginning. I am pretty busy in the summer, leaping this way, that way, outdoors, a lot. But I always find time to follow your fabulous recounts of discoveries, challenges, just plain scurrying about. :-) pond lois

  3. Yep. I seem to have a lot of those days, starting with not sleeping and early critter wake up calls. At least you did get to relax and enjoy your cleaning work in a refrigerated canned ham!