Friday, November 11, 2011


I've never understood the ad for ED products.  First I can't understand WHY they are so popular.  It bothers me that people run to a pill to fix everything when maybe what they need to do is change their lifestyle or diet to achieve the results on a more natural level.

The ad with two seniors sitting in matching bathtubs as they gaze out on their lovely surroundings is the strangest to me.  Isn't the idea of this product to bring you together?  It's like ending a very romantic evening by slipping into twin beds and saying good night.  What's the point?

So you can understand my amusement when I saw this take off of that add with a gingerbread couple sitting in coffee cups of cocoa...I'm not sure.  And then there's the caption of Make Merry to go with it.  Yikes.

Long Live the Queen of Confusion

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