Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Continued hearing problems

Yesterday I admitted to my misunderstanding at the theater and today it was Left Brain's turn.  Oh what fun two old half deaf people can have!

He was telling me about his day and said "hold out your hand".  This always makes me nervous but I did as asked and took hold of his nuts.  Well, not HIS nuts per say, but a handful of hickory nuts.  It appears that the mice had built a nest and stockpiled these for the winter in the garage....under the seat of his motorcycle. 

Later on that afternoon he said he had taken the last motorcycle ride of the year and I asked "with the mice?".  He replied that yes, it was nice but a little bit cold.  Maybe it's just old age - his medicare coverage does start this month.  I just let it pass.

Long Live the Queen of Hearing Aids

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  1. I do hope that Left Brain is going to put those nuts back. Those poor little mice will be hungry without them this winter. I miss a few words here and there too. Maybe it just comes with the onset of the "golden" years? Have a great day, hugs, Edna B.