Friday, November 18, 2011

The Container Store

It was a day of shopping with friends at a location I did not know existed.  We traveled to the cities to explore The Container Store.  This is a large store that sells containers for, well...everything.

There were items I had never heard of and didn't realize I needed until seeing them.  Some truly innovative tools and some gadgets that have no need to have been developed.  Many had some comic least in my tiny mind.

Take for instance the tiny acrylic boxes, with a lid to store your golf ball.  Yup.  Ball.  Not plural.  One golf ball.  After laughing about this product and commenting on what kind of nut would buy a box for one golf ball I noticed my friend, Ms M, had one in her cart.  She is deaf in that ear and my mockery went unnoticed. So, of course, I had to repeat it for her benefit.

She explained that her husband had hit a hole in one and she wanted to put the ball in a little display case.  This led to a series of jokes about her storing her husband's balls in boxes and that she has taken her anal organizational habits to a new level.

My other friend, who is also an artist, admired several items that could be used to store her broken glass.  Most people throw out broken glass, but she breaks it on purpose.  And then she reassembles the glass into incredible masterpieces for the window.  We both kept finding items that would work as display options in our booths.

But my favorite item was a set of cutlery (in a box, naturally) that had a handle and attachments to screw on to create a fork, spoon, knife....and chopsticks.

There were many containers with displays showing possible uses and some that just bewildered the imagination as to what in the devil would you do with that.

It was an interesting experience and we had a great lunch followed by some more shopping until all three of us stopped dead in the middle of the hallway and we all pronounced we were too tired to continue.

So we packed back into the car and started home.  There was an emergency stop at Cold Stone Creamery on the way home to renew our energy.  I do believe ice cream improves my night vision, so I blew off my Weight Watcher regime for the day in the interest of safety for my friends.

Long Live Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility


  1. I thought we did a very good job of ignoring the raised eyebrows and disdainful looks when our laughter got out of control!

    Miss M

  2. I would love to be a fly on the wall during one of your escapades! You ladies are having so much fun! What a unique shop. Cheryl, I've sent you an email with some shopping info. Enjoy and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.