Saturday, July 8, 2017

Entertainment center with fireplace

Since I was struggling with trying to arrange the furniture in our little Arizona room it finally occurred to me to remove the little fireplace and buy an entertainment center that had a fireplace built into it.

I found one I liked the looks of (and the price) at Home Depot so placed the order.

When I arrived I uncrated it outside and carried the pieces into the Arizona room, where they sat for a few days while I mentally prepared myself for the task of constructing it.

It wasn't as white as I had thought it would be, but the color goes nice with the rugs in the room. 

The fireplace is nicer than the other one we had and I think we'll really enjoy this in the winter time.

The small fireplace was moved into the dining room where it serves as additional countertop space.

I just love shuffling things around!

Long Live the queen

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  1. I love your new entertainment center/fireplace unit. It looks super in that room. I have a little fireplace just like the little one that you moved to the dining room. And congratulations to you for assembling the whole entertainment center by yourself!! Great job! You have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.