Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Little Smart TV

I've always wanted a small TV in the kitchen area so I can watch my shows when Left Brain is commandeering the remote in the Arizona room.

I picked up a 24" smart TV thinking it would sit on the kitchen counter, but it didn't really fit, so I put it on the hutch.

This works nicely as I can lay on the couch and watch TV with a couple of cats snuggled next to me.  I know...not everyone is lucky enough to have a couch in the kitchen.  It's an odd spot for it, but it's so comfortable I can't part with it.

I did add the washable pet cover, which is a bit too large, but it keeps the cat hair off better.
this was the first one...too little

There wasn't any satellite connected to this one, so I used it mostly to watch TV from Amazon Prime.  Although I'm finding it hard to find time to watch any TV, even in the summer it seems my days are overly full.

Well, one thing lead to another and I contacted Dish to see about having a box in this room so I have full access to everything.

Now that I have everything at my fingertips, I decided that this one was too small for when I'm sitting at the table.  This will become more important during football season when it's our turn to host.

So, being the considerate person I am I exchanged the 24" screen for a 39" one, because that was the largest size that would fit in the space.

Aaaah...Queen of my castle...and the remote

Long Live the Queen

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  1. Ah, my friend, you are having way too much fun for it to be legal. hahahaha. I think it's awesome that you are getting things put in their rightful places and enjoying it all. Enjoy your porch and have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.