Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Visit to Our New Vet Clinic

Now that my doctors have been located in our new area, it was time to find a vet for the kitties.  My first visit was to Banfield Pet Hospital that is associated with PetSmart.  But, I hated having to haul them through the store and past all the dogs roaming around for their nail trimming and rabies shots.  Then I received a recommendation from one of my Thursday night out ladies to try 1st Pet.

1st Pet is a 24/7 facility, so if an emergency should arise I could take them in directly and they'd have all their records, so I took them in for a nail trimming to check it out.  I liked what I saw and registered their information at this facility.

This is a cat friendly facility and there are two rooms set aside just for cats that no dogs ever walk through to eliminate all scent.  Much nicer than at PetSmart!

George needed to go back in to have his teeth checked and they did some blood work to check on his liver enzymes, which seem to be higher than they should.  

Dr Waldo asked me if I wanted some water and without thinking I said that George was probably too stressed out to drink anyway.  He smiled and let me know the offer was for me and that he wouldn't even serve it to me in a bowl.  Duh...I just had a Betty White (as Rose Nyland) moment.  As soon as he left the room I turned to George and asked "Where's Waldo?" but he was not in a humorous mood and just glared at me from his crate.

George was whisked away to the inner sanctum and one of the ladies brought in the "mini bar" for my enjoyment.  Of course, with being on the Whole30 diet I couldn't partake of much of the offerings and I always carry my own water bottle...bummer.  There was some nice chocolate at the bottom of the basket.  The popcorn looked the safest choice for when I can have grains again so I took this to enjoy later.

During the absence I was able to enjoy the Catster magazines provided for reading material while obsessing over the untouchable chocolate.  I was never meant to be this good!

The liver enzymes are still elevated so I'll bring him back in 4 - 6 weeks for another testing and if it's ok they will proceed with his dental cleaning.  If not we need to figure out what's going on with his liver.  I contacted the vet clinic from Wisconsin to have them fax the records to the new clinic.

It feels good to have all my doctors, dentists and vets lined up in my new home.

Long Live the Queen of Homesteading

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