Friday, July 14, 2017

The Deck is Complete

I struggled with trying to make everything fit on the deck and when my neighbor Sandy was over one morning she looked at the huge metal shelf and said "that has to go".  She was so right.

So in the spirit of moving things around (which I love so much), the heavy shelving went to the side of the house to store trash cans, and other sundry items.  It will be a nice spot for Left Brain to hang his bike helmet, gloves and sweaty clothes when back from a long ride.

I'm in love with these little tables to tuck into corners.

I found a smaller, cuter baker's rack at Hobby Lobby and this works perfectly for my decorative items that I never had space for.  It will double as a serving area for snacks when we have people over to visit or play cards.

I made a little sitting area at the front of the deck using the table that used to be inside the house and the two extra chairs from the dining room.

A new table cloth was added to the table to continue my brown, orange, yellow and red theme going on out here.

The string of orange lights add a little festivity to the area.

I found that an over the door hanger fit on my pvc pipe "wall" and so I added this little planter with fake flowers on my "cat proof" wall.

A cheap little shoe rack has been added to the front entryway to keep them organized.

This classy gate to the deck now has an open/closed sign.

It's starting to come together nicely and the cats and I enjoy the deck at about 5:00 am when you can actually be outside for any length of time.

Long Live the Decked Out Queen

Side note:  by the time this blog is being posted it has been rearranged already.  This will come to no surprise to anyone who knows me.

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