Friday, June 30, 2017

Taking Care of Business

On Monday I had my follow up visit with my doctor to go over the lab results.  With the Whole30 regime I'm not allowed to weigh myself, but technically...she was weighing me and I just happened to notice the numbers.  I'm down six pounds so far in just eight days, so I'm feeling pretty good about this new lifestyle.

I got my Prevnar 13 shot for pneumococcal pneumonia...good to go there.

The lab results are all good with a couple of things that are getting out of whack that she thinks diet and exercise will take care of.  So I am opting for not taking anything at this time and we'll check again in six months to see what the results are.

I got the TV all hooked up and couldn't find the Amazon button so did an online chat with Vizio and learned that it needs to be updated to the next version.  Sure enough, after following their instructions and waiting for it to take effect there it was.  I've been playing with my Amazon Prime movies and learning to create a watchlist, play, pause, etc.

My estimates came back for fixing the window and replacing the back door and we may be able to get another RV style door to keep the screen door function.  Otherwise it's a steel security door.

On Tuesday I went to the dentist in the morning to get my two crowns replaced.  I'm very impressed with this office.  They are able to take the impressions right there and using some kind of a 3D printer they mill the new crowns on site.  Then they tried them in my mouth to make sure everything was good before they did the final baking.  It added another 20-30 minutes to my appointment, but there was no getting temporary crowns and having to return for the real ones.

I called the man about the door and window again today and arranged for him to come over at 4:00 for final measurements and seeing for sure which door would be best.

I ran home to get my pickleball paddle and a banana for lunch since my mouth was still frozen and I could at least manage a banana without any damage .  I played until 3:00 and decided to return a little early for a shower and get some cooking done before he came for the measurements.

You can imagine my surprise when I entered a very warm house.  The AC had quit at some point during the day and it's now 108 outside and 90 inside.  Thank goodness for our insulated windows that are helping hold it to a livable level.

The ceiling fans came on placed on the floor for my poor suffering furry friends.  I took a nice shower and wet down the cats to help with cooling.

The repairman wasn't able to come until the following day, so it was a warm and sticky night...but hey...I'm from before AC was standard in each house so I just dealt with it. With the lower temperatures it only reached about 93 degrees and in the morning it was cool enough to need my sheet and blanket again.

Wednesday morning was very productive since I needed to stick around for the arrival of the repairman, so fixed a nice breakfast of bacon with eggs and left over asparagus.  The old me would have been all whiny about not being able to add some goat cheese or feta cheese to this dish.  The new me was marveling at how incredible asparagus tastes.  I'm starting to have a shift in my taste buds and the flavors seem more alive than ever before and I realize that in the past all I was tasting was the cheese.

The repairman arrived about 2:00 and our AC was low on freon.  Now it's runny nice and things are cool again.

Each day brings a new adventure!

Long Live the Sweaty Queen


  1. Wow, congratulations on the weight loss! Did I miss something? When did the broken window and door happen? Gosh, I hope all is well for you. So glad your a/c is fixed. With those temps, the a/c is a must. You have an awesome weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. The window was just compromised, not broken and the backdoor was never very good - so just taking care of those two things...nothing major. I am very happy to have the AC again though!