Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Food Poisoning Adventure

Well, I had a new adventure recently and not one I want to repeat anytime soon.

I had an early lunch at In & Out Burger because I knew I'd be out with the Thursday Ladies Night out group and I love PF Changs, so didn't want to miss that.

Within two or three hours I had the worst headache, and I seldom every get these.  I was so tired and my stomach didn't feel great so I had to call text in my regrets that I couldn't make it.  Bummer.

By Friday the headache and fatigue was joined by stomach cramping and bloating.  It was like being a teenager again and afflicted with the most horrible menstrual cramps, but given my age I didn't think it was my "monthly visitor" making a guest appearance.  

By Saturday the bloating and cramping intensified and I dragged myself to the store for some gas-X, a product I've never had to use.  It didn't seem to help much.  I was attending a synagogue in Chandler that I wanted to test drive and after two hours I had to sneak out due to my discomfort.

Now I was getting worried and started checking online to self-diagnose.  Could it be appendicitis?   Nope, that's on the right side and so far this was pretty centralized.  Perhaps an ectopic pregnancy?  Hmm, this is very rare with fewer than 200,000 cases per year...that and being over 65 pretty much ruled that out.

I was also having a major acne outbreak and a rash on my cheeks (the ones on my face or I wouldn't have even noticed), but I thought maybe that was just stress or anxiety. 

Then I found the most likely culprit...food poisoning.  The time line fit as well as all the symptoms,including the rash.  I guess the name of the fast food establishment I visited should be In & Out...Kinda.  As I look back I thought the burger looked a little undercooked and I learned this when I got my food handlers license, but I ate it anyway.

Sunday was a little better with the cramping starting to go away, just bloated and tired, sleeping all the time.  I knew things were improving when I found I could cough without wanting to cry.  I was to give a massage that afternoon, but thankfully she was understanding when I had to cancel.

Monday was still a little better, not as tired now but still feeling gassy.  Treated myself to some chicken noodle soup and a 7-up for lunch and decided to try pickleball (indoors).  I'm so glad I did that and I'm even more thankful for the noise of the basketball in the next gym to cover the sounds of my belching and farting while I played.  Apparently all that movement got the excess air out and soon was feeling really good.  

What can I say...chicken noodle soup and pickleball - the cure for what ails you.

Long Live the Queen

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  1. Well, now who'd have thunk??? Pickleball and chicken soup as a cure all! Well, I'm glad they did the trick and you are feeling better. I've missed your smile these past days. I don't advise eating at that restaurant again. Stay well and have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.