Sunday, May 7, 2017

We'll Leave the Light on for Ya

My friend Beth created this for me on my 60th birthday and it's been securely wrapped and protected during our full time life in the motorhome and moving around the country.

I've never put it up because I was afraid it would be broken and I would be devastated by its loss.  So it was a happy day when it came out of packing and placed on the china hutch where I can enjoy its welcoming beacon.

I love the fact that it is a little house and now I have a symbol of my "home" right here in my little house.

Thank you comforts me when ever I turn it on to enjoy its welcoming glow.

Long Live the Queen of Home


  1. That is really a beautiful piece and a wonderful symbol of your friendship with Beth.

  2. Oh what a beautiful little house. It's so fitting for your new home. You say your friend created it? Wow, what awesome talent!!

    Now I'm off to catch up with the rest of my blog reading. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.