Sunday, May 28, 2017

Gracie does it again

Everyone has been amazed that the cats haven't jumped over the gate to exit the deck and run around.  I guess it was bound to happen eventually.

I was working in the back, assembling the new storage shed and Gracie was just beside herself watching me walk around the side of the house where she couldn't see what was happening.

When I came back I saw her standing in the driveway by the car.  She managed to get out...damn it.  When I returned her to the deck she went right to the gate again and eyeballed it for her next leap.  This confirmed where the problem had been.

So, I had to build a taller  Thankfully we had a lot of left over pvc pipe to work with, so I added an extension to the existing one.

Time will tell if this works and I don't dare leave them out there without watching closely.

Well, by the time I got this written she has escaped once again, so I've added more netting across the top of the railing. 

We're gonna need a higher fence.
Long Live the Queen


  1. I wondered how come the cats did not jump over the fence/rail. We have a gate same height as your railing to keep Pogo from getting out the front door of the house, but the cats jump over it all the time. I'm curious to see how they react to a higher netting. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.