Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How to Block the Only Spot the Cats Can Escape From on the Deck

The bird netting on the deck works perfectly to keep the cats safe, even though I wouldn't trust them out here without close monitoring, especially with the coyotes in the area.

But there is this one gap that is large enough for Gracie to dash through and run wild through the neighborhood.

My plan had been to add a corner shelf, but the openings were still too large, or the metal was so ornate I couldn't stand it.

Then I spotted this metal feather wall decoration.  Hmmm, this might be just the right size...and half price at Hobby Lobby.

But I would need to anchor it in something.  Maybe I could get a pot and some styrofoam and plastic plants...oh wait...the containers are also half price and this one is fairly heavy.

Insert feather into planter and voila...an attractive blocking of the exit that the kitties can still see through to enjoy watching the birds.  Now I just have to inform George that the grass is not real.

Ok, there was no convincing George to stop eating the plastic grass, so I had to add a planter with some real grass for them.  Now things are good, but he still wants to try eating the plastic grass as well.  Sigh...poor George...he just doesn't get it.

Long Live the Creative Queen


  1. Love it when cats featured in the fray.

  2. What a great idea!! How come the cats don't jump over the railing? Or did I miss something? Oh well, you have a super day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.