Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day Dilemma

This is one of those Hallmark inspired holidays that I dread.  If you possess a vagina everyone wishes you a happy Mother's Day without knowing anything about you.

There are many men in the world who have embraced the role of being the primary caregiver (formerly accepted as the mother's role) who get no credit for their hard work.

I always cringe at the hurt feelings of those who were not able to be a mother.  I also feel for those who have either lost children through death or other reasons causing estrangement.  Does wishing them a happy Mother's Day make them feel good or add to their pain?

I have been blessed with the unconditional love of two wonderful children, even though there are times I feel I don't deserve such a gift.  I gave birth to my son very young and we grew up together, although I think he matured better than I did.  

My daughter came into my life in her early teens and I couldn't have asked for a better daughter.  I wish she could have been my mother.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my other daugher, Christy.  Sometimes you get your children as fully grown and beautiful adults.  

I celebrated by doing a little shopping and having a chili dog at the Wienerschnitzel...not as good as Coney Island, but it would have to do.  Coney Island hot dogs always evoke a memory of my grandmother, who was responsible for my upbringing and there's not a day I don't miss this incredible woman.

Long Live the Queen Mother


  1. My goodness, I don't know what happened, but my comment just took off without me!
    You have a beautiful family. And I agree that children come in all stages, and I love them all. You have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.