Friday, May 5, 2017

Summer Fun in Arizona

I find myself doing a little something around the house each day, but distracted by all the other things calling my name.  I still haven't even hooked the TV up yet, just haven't had any need for it.

I've gotten to know my neighbor Sandy much better since my return and it seems we really are kindred spirits and have so much in common.  She's of the same belief as I am that we are guided by G-d on our journey and if we are only open to seeing it there are miracles every day.  The people you need to be with and share your story are all around you.

Her husband, Paul, celebrates his birthday one day after mine and apparently several of their family members are also Leos, so I'm thinking there will be some partying happening in July.

The birds are definitely happy to have me back as their food and water is replenished daily, and I am rewarded with watching them through my windows.

I had expected a bit of a ghost town back in Carriage Manor, but it's anything but.  There are still several people here and many who live here full time.  

I've already been out on the weekly "girlfriends' night out" to one supper at the Red, White and Brew where I had some awesome jambalaya. In fact there was so much of it that I will be enjoying it for another couple of meals. We had 18 of us attending this supper.  They do this every Thursday night and I'm finding some of the favorite spots of the locals by joining them.

While practicing my billiards skills the other day I met a man who had a pool cue to sell me for $10, so now I have my own stick to play with.  He even gave me the leather case for it.  Now I feel like a real hustler when I go into the billiards hall to least until anyone sees my skill level...or lack there of.

Every Monday night we have movie night in the ballroom for $1.  The movies shown are pretty recent and I understand they have the new big screen installed already.  I got the skinny from the card players that we drag the card room chairs which are much more comfortable over to ballroom to watch.  Not sure if they make popcorn or not, so I'll have to get that detail in case I need to bring my own.

I learned how to play euchre, which is okay but not as interesting as the Spanish Canasta, so I've signed up for that on Tuesday and Friday.  They might be playing on Wednesday nights as well, not sure yet.  I'll be learning pinochle on Sunday nights to see if I like it better.

Saturday has us playing Mexican train.

Every other Wednesday the Breakfast Club goes out to eat - this coming one is at What the Hell bar and grill.  This is the place that also has karaoke on Wednesday nights and I'll have to give that a whirl.

We will have karaoke again here during the summer, but one of our main members is gone on an Alaska cruise, so this will happen later in the month.

Don't think I've forgotten about pickleball - there is a small group that goes down to play about 8:00 in the morning and at another park that has more full timers.  It's supposed to be cooler next week and I'll get back out on the courts for it soon.

Everybody seems to get up about 5:00 or so to do their walks and sitting out on the deck and that works just fine with me.  The cats enjoy going out in their fenced area to enjoy the fresh outdoors while they can.  Later in the day they are just fine with napping on the couch during the hot part of the day.

I have a ton of sewing projects to work on during the really hot part of the season, so that will wait a month or two, which is fine because I'm too busy right now for it anyway.  Not sure when that jigsaw puzzle might get done.

Long Live the Fun Loving Queen

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  1. Goodness, your new schedule wore me out just reading it. I could use some of your energy. I love your little birds. For some reason, we don't seem to have as many birds as we used to have. Enjoy your new activities, hugs, Edna B.