Sunday, March 6, 2016

What is a Rally?

I've been getting lots of questions as to what a rally is and what do we do there.

Rallies are held by most of the larger RV clubs and it's a gathering of people in their RV's to meet each other and attend educational seminars.  There's usually food and entertainment involved as well.

The only ones we've ever done have been with the Escapee's Club and they are massive events.  They generally have several breakout sessions each day (all day) and it's often hard to decide which ones you want to attend.  The entertainment at these events are usually professional talent brought in from Branson or elsewhere in the vicinity.  There are door prizes and drawings for big ticket items.  We had won our WiFi Ranger at one of these.

Here's now it differs with this one.  We attended the dinner last night, which was very well organized and tasty.  They managed to get everybody fed and seated in 45 minutes for the entertainment to start at 7:00.  The door prizes and drawings were mostly t-shirts, potato chips and playing cards...not so impressive.

How can I describe the entertainment?  It was a man and woman with music from the Fifties and Sixties, music I generally adore.  I should have been suspicious when I saw the cardboard cutout of a juke box as their main prop. You could hear the voices of the recording artists when they missed their cues to sing along.  The music was overly loud...mostly to hide the fact their voices were heavily synthesized.  It was a cross between bad karaoke and a train wreck.

Twice they stopped to sing happy birthday to people, rather than just once for both.  This is only an hour long show folks...and they seemed to be stalling every which way possible.

I finally couldn't whispered to Left Brain that I hated to be rude but couldn't take any more.  He was only too happy to indulge my desire to leave. As we left, many people at our table thought we were getting up to dance.  Yup...we're going to dance our way right outta here!

Today we got up to partake of the free donuts and coffee before the one speaker we wanted to see...the water-less car wash guy.  Between his soft voice, rapid speech, Texas twang and horrible acoustics neither of us heard over a fourth of what he said.  Thankfully it didn't last more than about 40 minutes and we were able to get out to see the vendors.

Well, that took about ten minutes to walk past the six vendors.  Boring boring boring!  My longest conversation was with the lady who made bags because I have many of the same fabrics.  It's always good to find another sewer in the crowd.

One item that intrigued me were the picnic table covers.  Now I know what I'm going to do with that left over hunk of vegan leather (since it did not actually come from a cow).  I will make covers for the picnic table seats when we get to Ham Lake for the summer.  If I have enough, I'll make a topper for it as well, but I can throw any kind of tablecloth over the top.  It's the nasty benches that always make me cringe.  We will be dirt and sliver free from now on.  So, the experience was not totally without merit.

Our plan for today is to visit the Challenger Learning Center where they have an IMAX theater showing the National Parks.  Then we'll sit in the sun and visit with the neighbors while the cats play in their tent.

I'd like to go see another movie tomorrow, but I'd probably miss the 2:00 pet parade.  Oh the choices I'm forced to make!

Long Live the Queen of Rallies


  1. When you start at the "A" level of rallies, you have to lower your expectations! LOL

  2. It is unlike you to say negative things, so this was obviously a very bad experience. I am glad you still were able to find bits and pieces of goodness. The seat covers sound like a great idea! Thanks for explaining the rally.

  3. Isn't it smazing how one group can put together an really super event, and yet another similar group can't even put together a decent flea market. At least you came away with that super idea of making covers for the picnic table seats. Enjoy lazing about in the sun. Pogo just loves sun bathing out on our porch. Me, I keep my chair in the shade. You have a super day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.