Thursday, March 10, 2016

Detour to the South

The rally was completed on Tuesday, so Wednesday morning we joined the wagon train of RV's heading out the gate.  We decided to skip the line for the dump station (and the long wait that goes with it) and instead dumped a bunch of Dawn dish soap down the toilet to let it slosh around to clean the sensors.  Disgusting, but it works every time.

It seems wrong to be backtracking for three hours, but this is where our friends are staying so onward we go.  This is the plus of living on can go visit and still have your own bed to sleep in at night.

Shortly before our stop we found a Cracker Barrel for lunch where good parking is easy to be found for over-sized vehicles.  Then it was on to the campground.

Oh oh.  We were told by the manager when we scouted this place out a week earlier that we would not need reservations since people start to leave in March.  Yup, we arrived shortly after the lady on the desk sold the last site.

She buzzed around the grounds in her golf cart and did some creative juggling and was able to find us a spot, but only for three nights.  I paid up and we figured either something would open up here or we could find a different place to move to for a longer stay.

I located a five star RV resort about 16 miles north of here that would only cost us about $40 more for a week than staying here where there is absolutely nothing.  Drive time is estimated at 27 minutes...very easy commute to connect with our friends.

The Recreation Plantation has eight dedicated pickleball courts with open plan daily and divided into four courts for friendly play and four courts for serious play.  Game on!  They also have a pool, volleyball and lots of activities to enjoy.  

Everything always seems to work out and as my friend Beth would say "it's all good".

Long Live the Queen


  1. So glad you were able to find another park to settle in for a while. Sorry we could not meet up. Pogo and I are headed home tomorrow. These two weeks passed by ever so quickly, but the weather has been divine. Now if only I could figure out how to stuff our screened porch into my suitcase. Oh it would be so nice to have it back home. Ah well, it will be here waiting for us next year. Enjoy the new park. Have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.