Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Monday

What is wrong with this picture?

I had wanted to try the Thai food in North Fort Myers before we left but forgot many places are closed on Mondays.  Since we left on a Tuesday it was my last opportunity....bummer.

So not only was it a disappointment to be denied this culinary feast, but the sign prominently shows it's open on Monday, but then the smaller wording on the left shows it's closed on Monday.  Who can you believe?

I tried the door, being an optimist to the bitter end, but it was locked.  

Long Live the Dejected Queen


  1. Colleen and I had to skip Indian for the same reason so we went to Gracie's and gyro'ed it.

  2. they or don't they?? That is disappointing. I love sushi and sashimi. The next time you are in my area, please let me know. We can go to a great asian cuisine place in town. We can go for lunch and stay for dinner, because we talk for so long!

  3. Next time you are in Vegas try the Thai place I mentioned in my blog! Hoping to go back before we leave....

  4. I agree, the sign is very conflicting and confusing. However, I don't eat sushi, so it's no biggie for me. Maybe you could look them up in a phone book and give them a call to find out what their hours really are? Just a thought. Good luck. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.