Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rainy weather is a good time to reorganize all that stuff in the RV

The weather in Florida is wet, wet, wet.  We've had record flooding and the news showed the Miami Zoo (as well as many places) were forced to close do the water problems.

We took a drive to Key Largo to set up the Swim with the Dolphins experience for the kids when they come.  I've done a lot of research on this and Dolphins Plus seemed to be the most humane approach I could find.  I can't bear to go into most of the sea shows here as the conditions are abominable.  Hopefully more places will follow the lead of Sea World in California and begin planning for phasing out the whale shows.

But, when stuck inside I usually choose a project to tackle, whether it be sewing or reorganizing storage areas.  Anyone living in an RV is always looking to capture every square inch possible to maximize storage.

One of my favorite places is the huge storage area found under the bed.  I found these fold up fabric storage cubes that are 12" x 12" and short enough to work in this space.

This way I can arrange items by groupings and nothing shifts and falls when moving.

I know...most people wouldn't store their glass containers under the bed, but for me it works the best.  No movement and no breakage.

Also under here are the second set of sheets, set of towels, lots of hand towels, dish towels, dish rags and bowl cozies.  The items used the most are closest to the end.  Stuff not accessed as often are toward the head of the bed, where you need to be somewhat of a contortionist to access.

This is also where I store oversized flat items, such as my cutting board for quilting, the pressing board and the fold up laundry baskets.  They lay on top of the other items, making it easy to access them.

Long Live the Queen of Storage


  1. My goodness, you are very clever oh Queen of organization. What a great way to store things. You really should think about writing a book about RV living and your travels around the country. Stay dry and safe during all this rain my friend and have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. I know ou have been wanting to sort and reorganize. There you have it! Nice job. It makes sense, the way you have it laid out. Your system is cat proof, too!