Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Our newest (temporary) member of the household...Will Feral

We have been adopted by a feral cat in our campground.  I decided to name him in Will Feral.  Yeah, I know the spellings different, but just go with it, ok?

I'd like to call him a black and white cat, but that would be a most generous term.  Black and dingy would be more appropriate.  I would love to be able to bathe him, but I don't see that ending well, so have resisted the urge.

At first I was throwing him what ever leftover meat I had available, then it was the cat food no longer favored by Princess Grace and Prince George...picky things that they are.

Now when he sees us come home from our afternoon outings he comes into the yard and gives this pitiful meow.  

And he's become much more confident already and will turn and run to the bushes with his tail held high as I follow him with the can of food.  He now has his own cat food, just the cheap stuff by Friskies, but the cans are larger and much less expensive than what the royal party of two eat here in the RV.

As you can see by his latest positioning on top of the cat tent that he's feeling very much at home.  

I feel badly for when we leave, but until then he'll be eating well and I hope to put a little fat on those bones.

We can't save them all, but this one chose us and we can make a difference for him at least.

Long Live the Queen of Soft Spots


  1. He is an adorable Tuxedo guy. I love the name (and the actor). He looks like my very first cat, who was also a stray. Is there someone in that area that you can call? He is receptive to humans. Maybe they could trap him and hive him a chance at a forever home. I know Miami has a lot of animal organizations. It woild be wonderful to see him saved. ♥

  2. I was thinking the same thing, that maybe he could get a forever home.

  3. I love that you are feeding Will. Although, how are you going to be able to leave him behind without a forever home? I know I wouldn't be able to do this. Yeah, I'm a big softee when it comes to animals. I hope you'll be able to help find him a forever home before it is time for you to move on. (or maybe take him with you) Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.