Monday, December 7, 2015

Playing with Gracie

There's nothing Gracie enjoys more than playing a rousing game of yellow mouse, especially when her pink cube is involved.

It's been so hot and humid here that they haven't been getting outside as much as they'd like....

So, we've been playing a LOT of yellow mouse.

The poor pink cube is totally ripped up and shredded from her exuberance, but I don't have the heart to toss it...she's finally got it just the way she likes it.

It's very similar to trying to get Left Brain to part with some of his ratty old clothes.  I guess I'm the same way...we all have our favorites and it's hard to let them go.

She loves this ratty old thing so much that she often naps in it as well.

Sweet dreams of yellow mouse

Long Live the Queen of Cat Entertainment


  1. This looks familiar. George modifies his "tent" (cube) by playing Tent Ball. It's funny because Maggie never plays Tent Ball, but she naps in it after the games are over. We always have two tents, and when I finally have to throw the Tent Ball tent away and put up a new one, George begins to modify the old one. Cats know what they like. I respect that. Sweet dreams, Gracie.

  2. Gracie is beautiful. I can see the pink cube is well loved :)

  3. I love your pink cube. Our fur babies are just like us. The old and worn favorite things are the most comfortable and loved. My Tootsie had an old raggy tennis ball that she just loved. We had to give away all her new balls because she wanted nothing to do with them. Instead, I just kept replacing the tape that was desperately trying to hold her yucky old ball together. Even though it no longer had fuzz or bounced, she loved it. So enjoy, Gracie. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.