Saturday, October 24, 2015

We are extremely everyone

I've experienced more grocery stores than I've ever imagined and it seems they all have their own "loyalty card", as do so many other shopping places.

So, at each new store I sign up for the loyalty card to save those pennies here and there as we shop across the country.

The collection is growing now and this is a photo of them with three of the cinema cards since we also tend to go to a lot of movies.

I've found the best place to keep these is in a CD holder that straps on to the sun visor in the car.  That way I can pull out the correct card for that days shopping or movie viewing.

Long Live the Queen of Card Carrying Loyalty


  1. You must have been a girl scout. You are always prepared and very loyal.
    I like that CD holder idea, too.

  2. Great organizing tip as I never have the card I need. Of course that organizer could only be in one car... GRRRR.