Friday, October 9, 2015

Friends and Waterfalls

My friend, Marti, is also a vagabond and a lifelong friend.  She's been with me longer than some of my marriages, so it shows what a tolerant person she is.  She and her husband are living in Asheville NC for the month of October and if you would like to follow her blog go to Thru Marti's Eyes.

We connected once for lunch in Asheville and again in Cherokee.  She dumped her husband off at the casino and I left Left Brain home so we could have some fun.

Our main outing was in search of Mingo Falls, as she loves waterfalls.  

We started out and then decided we were hungry and needed a bathroom break before starting our rigorous hike up to the waterfalls, so I turned the car around and we found a spot for some food and conversation.

Then it was back on the road to the falls.  The hike up wasn't as bad as I feared.

She has a nice photo on her blog showing the steps we had to go up.  There were lots of stops on these steps to enjoy the scenery while we gasped for breath.

The falls were nice, but I suspect they are more magnificent in the spring time.  

The next photo shows the size of the falls in comparison with the two people in the foreground.  I asked Marti nicely to crawl out on those rocks for a photo, but she refused....she's funny that way.

There were a lot of people up there sharing the experience with us, so we managed to get a photo of the two of us by the falls.  The same lady took photos of us with both our cameras, but she must not have pushed the button hard enough or something, because mine were lacking this this is taken from Marti's blog.

On the way back we spotted these little cabins by the rivers edge and so I parked as far away from the multitude of no parking and no trespassing signs.  Surely those signs were not for US!

On our way back through town we stopped to enjoy some ice cream because....well, it's a tradition for us.  On all of our plant shopping trips there was always ice cream involved somehow.

It's great seeing old friends when our paths converge and we never know for sure when that might happen again, so we savor each moment together.

We'll get to see them one more time when we head into Asheville on Sunday to watch the Packer game with them at a sports bar.  Are you happy McGuffy?  This will definitely be a first for willing go to a sports bar and watch the game.  I'm guessing there may be some shopping as a sideline with just Marti and I as well.  And perhaps ice cream.

Long Live the Queen of Friends


  1. Thanks for sharing this post. I love waterfalls. We look for them when we travel. My favourite is Tahquamenon Fals, in the UP of Michigan.

    I am so proud of you. You have been doing your homework. I suspect you will enjoy the game at the sports bar. Rewarding yourself afterwards is fair. We will get ice cream next time we get together. We were talking too much this, that can't be...

  2. gorgeous falls! nice smiles, too.

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  4. It was a fun day. Sorry you are going to miss the Arboretum, but we still have the Packer game -- can't believe I just said that.........

  5. A girl's outing with camera's in hand (and of course some ice cream) is always fun. I've always been curious about Asheville.
    Ingrid@ LiveLaughRV

  6. So glad you and Marti are having such a grand time. I love the waterfalls, That's a great photo of you and Marti. It's good that the lady took the photo on both cameras. That little cabin tucked into the woodsy foliage is just awesome. Have a wonderful tine here, hugs, Edna B.