Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Quiet days in Florida

We're staying a week in Apopka FL so we can visit with some friends of ours in Orlando soon.

The campground isn't anything special, but what makes it really great is that it adjoins the West Orange Trail, so Left Brain has been able to venture out safely for his bike fix.

I've found a group to play pickleball with in Winter Garden and from them learned of a campground about a block away from the courts...sigh.  This is where I learned I'm doing it all backwards.  I generally find a place to land and then look for pickleball.  I need to find the pickleball locations FIRST and then the lodging.

The courts there are being resurfaced and will end up being six brand new dedicated pickleball courts...probably by the time I leave.  Right now it's two tennis courts with chalk markings to delineate the boundaries...but it's still pickleball and with some really nice people so who cares.

Since it's been drizzly and rainy today, so I checked into an indoor venue they told me about that's another 12 miles further yet, but I don't care...I must play.  Ever since I had that bad experience in Georgia (or was if Florida?) of arriving and finding nobody to play with, I've gotten cautious.  So I called and confirmed the play times, and  then I was informed they are under construction this week and so everything would be closed.  Have I offended the Pickleball G-ds somehow?  Do I need to make some kind of sacrifice? 

So, it could be that another movie is looming in our future.  We've recently seen "The Intern" and loved it.  Then we saw "Bridge of Spies" which was incredible, especially for old people like us that remember this being in the news of our childhood.

But the silver lining of all this downtime has been finding out Jeannie Robertson is performing in Pensacola on March 17th.  I just adore her and it was from her that my husband also became known as Left Brain.  I've attached one of my favorite skits here for you to enjoy.

Long Live the Queen

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  1. Thanks for the giggles. I also watched her video "Naked Bungee Jumping." I haven't stopped giggling!! She is such a funny lady. As for that cartoon, I've been called Eddie a good part of my life, and I've never been turned into a toad. Of course, I may have turned a few other folks into toads though.

    I hope the weather stays nice there most of the time for you. I think we may be in for some rain today and tonight. But, tomorrow is supposed to be glorious!! Now I'm off to make some breakfast for my little guy. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.