Monday, October 19, 2015

Questions a full-timer often gets asked.

Many people simply don't get it that the RV is our home and our life is much the same as any body else, except that our view changes more frequently.

Lately we were asked "What do you do to pass the time?"

Well...we're certainly never bored!

Biking 15 miles a day (Left Brain)

Pickleball several times a week when able (The Queen)


eating out

seeing friends in the campground

playing with the cats (this takes up a HUGE hunk of time)

quilting & sewing





cooking and cleaning - basic chores

People seem to think that when you live in a small space you just sit inside and....I don't know what.  It's no different than what a person would do if they lived in a house.

My other favorite question is "What's your exit plan?"

I like to then ask them the same question in return and they seem shocked at the question.

Then they come back with "Well, I mean ....when you can no longer drive around in the RV."  To which I counter, it's no different than when you are not able to continue living in your house for whatever reasons may present themselves.  The only difference is that we've already done the hard part, getting rid of all those useless possessions.

When it's time to come off the road it will be a simple matter to find some place to live.  We know we don't want to ever own again or have to deal with maintenance, so rental will be the way to go.  The question is mainly "where" for us.  We still haven't found the perfect north and south places to call home.  But we're still looking!

Long Live the Queen of RV Life


  1. Looking for the "perfect" place is where all the fun is. Enjoy the ride and all that goes with it. Please make sure to keep in touch, in your spare time, of course. I wish you were here more often. I love your stories and wisdom.

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  3. Sweatshirt and quilt??? Why aren't you where it's warm???

    1. Used an older photo for the story - it's 80 degrees today here in Brunswick GA.

  4. Ignore those others with silly questions, live in the each day to the fullest and everything else will fall into place. Keep doing what your doing............enjoy your choice of retirement. Besides if you leave the road too soon, there wont be your blog and then what????? Look forward to your adventures.

  5. It may seem odd to you that people ask these questions and I understand your replies. It's just such a different way to live than most of us do. I think it's amazing that you travel with your cats like that and they don't seem to mind. I take one of ours for a ride in the car and most of the time they freak out. You do keep plenty busy for sure.

  6. Not a few Keeffe's over in Ireland are travelling people or marry into travelling people.
    My mum was born in a vardo ( horse drawn caravan) and great-grandad Keeffe was a travelling showman who went around fairs with his swing boat ride and Coconut Shy concessions, Great Gran Keeffe ran a fortune telling booth. They travelled in Ireland, Scotland and the UK but not Wales because fortune telling booths were banned there. They used horse drawn caravans back in the day too.

    1. That is fascinating. It's sounding like my "other Peter Keeffe" was born into a gypsy's always been my dream to trick the RV out to resemble a Gypsy wagon. Of course, I wish I had waist long curly hair and looked good in flowing gypsy skirts....oh well.

  7. I think you are very lucky to be able to live in an RV and travel about the country. And you do it so very well!! I loved the bits of history from Peter Keeffe. What is the relationship here? You may have explained it before, but my little brain does not always hold all of its info. (do you suppose it's from old age?)

    I'm not sure what today's weather will bring, but so far it has been damp and gray all morning. Maybe later the sun will be out. I noticed the sweatshirt you're wearing too. How come? Is it cool where you are? The kitties look ever so comfy all curled up on your lap. It's a good life. You have a super day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  8. The other Peter Keeffe lives in the UK and found us on Facebook. It's been fun communicating with him, albeit probably a bit confusing for some to know which Peter Keeffe is commenting.