Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trails End Campground

We've had a delightful weeks stay here in North Carolina, in fact we've decided to stay another two days.  Our plan was to move closer to Asheville to connect with Bob & Marti on Sunday for the Packer game, but there wasn't a campground available anywhere near there.

Parks on the eastern side of the states tend to be much older and therefore smaller and when the RV is over 30 feet it's a bit iffy.  We're not huge by any means at our 32 feet, but it was a no go.

This campground has lovely flowers planted everywhere you glance.  It's also sweet to watch the fog on the mountains in the morning.

There is an antique car parked near our site that was worth a photo or two.

Add to this beauty the fact I found a rec center that has pickleball Monday through Saturday for $1 a day....priceless.  Usually the times are two or three times a week and the cost is generally more like $3 to $5 a day to play.

Long Live the Queen of Trails End


  1. That butterfly is beautiful! And the car is very cool. Great captures of both!

    It is great that you found such a satisfying Pickle Ball experience. George and Grizelda had a heated Tent Ball match yesterday. I am not sure who won. I think it was George.

    I hope you enjoyed the Packers. I know that I did! They are 5-0!

    Please stay safe out there. Keep in touch.

  2. I love your Fall veggie & flora photo, but that butterfly photo is just AWESOME!! The flower looks like a dahlia of sorts. Very pretty. But what magic you've done with the butterfly. Nice work!! You have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Pretty butterfly, lovely foggy scene, cool car. - Sounds like a nice campground.