Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's been a quiet week here in Ham-a-lot

Not much to post these days, so I've been absent on the social media scene.  We moved to a park in South Carolina that's very nice with tall pine trees and large sites.  The terrain is flatter and Left Brain is able to bike finally, so we extended out stay over the weekend.

I've been busy cleaning the RV, washing the woodwork, cleaning the mirrors and shampooing the carpet.  All the Fall housecleaning is done now and I can goof off a bit.

Therefore, out came the sewing machine and I've been whipping up some table runners and small quilts.  It's been a bit of a frenzy in my sweat shop and photos will follow as they progress.

We met our neighbor this afternoon when he knocked on the door and asked if we had cats.  I was responding that indeed we do and was reaching for one of the many cards I keep by the door with information on the tent and tunnel system.  Ooops....seems he was here to tell me they were running about under the RV.

Yup, Gracie managed to undo the zipper and spring herself and then lead George into a walk on the wild side as well.  

He let himself get caught quite easily and she just ran up the steps and waited for the door to open.

I'm glad they don't go very far, but it scares me when she does this.  I'm thinking of giving her Houdini as a middle name.

We're leaving tomorrow for Georgia and I've talked to a pickleball coordinator there and it looks like I should be able to play at the YMCA.

Then we'll have one more stop in St Augustine for a couple of days before landing near Orlando to visit our friends during the last week of the month.

I'll be more than ready to land for a month when we get to Florida.  The car needs to be cleaned out and things organized again, and it's much easier to do this when we are settled for a longer stay.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Oh, good grief! Not again. I am not sure if she is an escape artist or an explorer. Either way, she is pushing the odds.
    May your trip to Florida go well. I hope to have my technology stable soon. What kind of laptop do you have? I am researching, on a mission.

    1. I have an Acer and Pete has a Lenovo. His is newer and very fast.

    2. I have an Acer and Pete has a Lenovo. His is newer and very fast.

  2. Glad you are moving South. It's getting cold here - highs in the 50's tomorrow b4 returning to the 70's on Tuesday. Brrrrr

  3. Thank goodness your kitties don't go wandering off. That Gracie sure does keep you on your toes! At least they know which door is home. That's a good thought. Enjoy the warmer temps. We seem to be turning to winter a bit too soon. It's a good time to be going South. Have a great time in Georgia, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Yep I think Gracie's middle name should be Houdini. So glad you've always been able to find her after her escapes. And now she's got George in on the act....for shame. I bet Florida will be a nice stay.