Friday, July 24, 2015

Wouterina Sculpture Gardens

I had the opportunity to join some friends for a garden tour about an hour or so from our current home.  The tours are given on Wednesday and Saturdays.  You need at least five people to qualify for the tours at $10 each.  I would have gladly paid much more for the privilege.

With a greeter like this, you just know it's going to be special!
It was like nothing I'd ever seen before, with whimsical concrete sculptures sprinkled among the many gardens, ranging from sunny to shady.

The artist creates these by using a hollow base to make them easier to maneuver, but they are still very sturdy.

There were a variety of themes in the gardens, but all had a folk art feel to them.

the picnic area

the fish bench

There were lots of antiques utilized throughout as well, such as the windmill blades used for this fence.

This barn is the perfect backdrop for the garden.

Lots of rusty metal chairs as well as this charming table created from an old washtub, complete with its feet.
Here's a close up of the top of that table.  Note the spoons that were flattened and pressed into the table top.
We had a great time and there are too many photos to show them all, so I have added a link below if you want to experience more.

I realize that most of my photos here were of the structures and concrete sculpture art, but the plantings were glorious in their own right.

There were paths meandering from garden to garden, with things that begged your attention every way you turned.
There were several little sheds like this (that I guessing hold many of her supplies).
 Almost every entry had some kind of archway to walk through which added to the thrill of each garden.

Here is a link to my Facebook album if you want to see all the photos I took on the garden tour.

Long Live the Garden Queen


  1. This is awesome! I love this folk art. I can relate to it's practical, homespun, but very creative feel. What a cool place. Thanks for sharing it. Great photos!

  2. That is beautiful, I am sure there are countless hours of work in that garden.

  3. Very amazing beauty!!

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous place! I love the gardens, but the sculptures are simply awesome!! I checked your album, and all the photos are just wonderful. I can see myself getting lost here for hours. You find the neatest places!!! Thanks for sharing this garden with us. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. This is wonderful. I enjoyed seeing all the great sculptures here. I bet it would be a fabulous place to visit for sure.