Monday, July 13, 2015

Ham Lake Updates

There were a lot of improvements made during our absence from last year here at the Ham Lake Campground.

Most noticeably was the installation of a community firepit with benches and using the 150 year old silo roof from the family farm of the owner of the campground.  I thought that added a really nice touch.

The beach got a redo as well, with lots of sand added for the kids to play in and a new shelter so the parents could sit in the shade while they watched their little ones.

The small pond areas are choked with waterlilies, but these brave kayakers made their way through anyway.

The waterlilies are lovely.  We have mostly the white ones like these.

But there are some yellow ones as well.

The goats and emus continue to be a source of entertainment for the little kids who enjoy feeding them.

But the best part is our little spot in the shade.

Long Live the Queen of the Campground


  1. Wow, it looks just like it did this noon! Great spot

  2. isn't it great when you can get a spot with just the right amount of shade at just the right time of day.


  3. It looks like a really nice campground. You are lucky to have a nice shady spot to sit out in. It's been so hot lately. I love summer, but not the muggies and the heat. Your photos of the water lilies are wonderful. If you can, take a photo of the yellow ones when they are open. They are beautiful. I'm off now to start supper. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.