Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Online buying is the best

It's always nice to go to a store, but sometimes they just don't have what you're looking for.  Then it's time to turn on the computer and let your fingers do the shopping.

When Miss Edna showed me this shirt, I just had to have it.  

It arrived recently and I can't wait to wear it to my games.

Since it looks much nicer on the model instead of me, you'll see it here.

We finally found a cat food George and Gracie like and that he won't throw up.  Unfortunately it's hard to locate in the stores.  PetCo carries it and we've cleaned out the supply in both Coon Rapids and Fridley.  We will soon be ordering this online and having it shipped directly to us.

It was time for new patio mats and Camping World had a sale, but when we got there they didn't have the colors I wanted.  So an order has been placed and I can't wait for them to arrive.  We are on an all dirt surface and the patio mats make it livable.

The tunnels are tent are getting old and have had some hard use.  The tent has one gimpy leg that works as long as we can stake the tent down.  However, I had to dispose of some of the tunnel pieces as the zippers won't work anymore.  So, eventually I'll need to order a couple of these as well. 

The current set up at Ham lake Campground

It was my hope to have part of the tunnel run into the woods and it's just not long enough right now to do this.

Anyway, it's fun to have packages delivered from time to time.

Long Live the Shopping Queen


  1. That shirt is definitely made for you! That is so cool! It is truly amazing what you can get online. Yep, all the comforts of home...and more! ☺

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  4. Right on, Miss Edna ... you nailed it for the Queen. I am as usual way behind on comments, but I will say that I am glad you found a food that George can eat without throwing up. I just went through a episode with Izzi. They put her on an antibiotic that made her sick ... throw up and diarrhea. Izzi being the thinker that she is decided to not eat anything, her food, her treats etc. that we had been feeding her because she decided they were what made her sick. So I had to get a new food for her. I tried several and she wouldn't eat them, but finally I found one. She loves it and eats it and guess what ... it gives her diarrhea. I was warned that might happen so I am hoping she will get used to it. Meanwhile we are doing a lot of buttsy cleaning, ugh! I am an internet shopper too. I can find what I want and get it in a reasonable time, so why not. And like you, I love getting packages in the mail. Feels like a gift even if it is not for me :) The summer is getting away from us. The rain has made everyone miserable. The plants are growing like weeds, the weeds are growing like man eating plants and I have to cut my grass every third day or it truns into a wheat field. But, alas, this week has been cool (in the 70's as I like it, but yesterday it got down to 58) and so far no rain. Enjoy, Enjoy, though it feels wierd to be wearing a sweatshirt out in July ... hmmm. Hope all is well with you Queen of Internet shopping. Let me know if you are going to pass through this way in the fall ... looking forward to it :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. I'm with you, I love getting packages in the mail even if I'm the one doing the shopping. And, I love on-line shopping!! My favorite is Amazon, but if they don't have it I'll shop wherever I need to (on-line). Now I'm trying to teach my grandson, Kevin, how to shop for all his class books (college) at Amazon in the used book department. It saves you a ton of $$$.

    I know all about picky fur babies!! Mr. Pogo wears the crown for this. He only wants what he wants, and only when he wants it!!! What a guy!!!!! Isn't it great though, that you can order the food on line and not have to run around for it?

    Considering all the use your tent city gets, I think it has been holding up pretty well. I can't wait to hear what your friends have to say when they see you in your new shirt!!!

    Last night I forgot to watch one of my programs, but thankfully I had taped it. So now I'm going to curl up in my lounge chair, and crochet and watch the program. You have a fabulous weekend and a great Fourth of July!! Hugs, Edna B.