Saturday, November 17, 2012

She's totally lost it now

this is the sight that greeted me this morning

I knew this day would come eventually, when I was old.  But now?  I'm 61.  I don't feel old, although I'm sure my son would remind me that I really am quite ancient.  He should talk, he just turned 42.  How is that even possible?

Anyway, I've heard all the stories as have you that people get forgetful as they age and start losing keys and glasses and the like.  I never do that.  No, let me correct that.  I never did that before.

Yesterday we headed out to visit Kartchner Caverns and I went through my regime of gathering up purse, camera, keys...keys?  Where in blazes are my keys?  I always hang them on the hook on the right side of the door, ready to be grabbed as I exit the RV.  But they were not there.  This is a very disconcerting sensation.

I added a watercolor filter to this one
But I remained calm as I ransacked the RV looking for them.  Come on!  It's only 300 square feet, how far away could they go?  But they remained hidden.  I swear I could hear them snickering.  Oh great.  Now I'm having auditory hallucinations...that can't be good.

We decided to just let it go for now and headed out, with a stop to the office on the way hoping I'd dropped them on our walk yesterday and some kind spirit turned them in.  Nope.

I added some textures to this one
So, we went to Kartchner and did the Throne Room tour (no bathroom...I thought that would have been funny to park an old toilet in there) and in spite of this being our third cavern in as many months it was not boring at all.  The tour is limited to 20 people and guided with lots of stops and explanations along the way. 

You walk in through a temperature controlled corridor where you are subjected to a light misting to prevent skin cells and lint from coming off your body before getting to the inside of the cave.  Another security measure prohibits any gum, food, drink, backpacks, cameras, phones or anything hanging off your body.  We're thinking we may have to come back and do the other tour next week. 

It amazes me how fast the sky will change - this was just minutes earlier than the previous one
had to try one in black and white
On the way home we stopped at Safeway so I could check with them and see if my keys were lost there.  Nope.  So, I grabbed a few groceries while I was inside anyway and we went home.

We went through all the outside bays thinking perhaps I had set them down inside while organizing and cleaning them the other day.  Nope.

Something told me to "do the dishes and I would find them", those pesky voices again.  It made no sense, but I've learned to trust my intuition and started doing dishes.  As I relaxed and gazed about the RV while working I spotted them.  They were hanging on the LEFT side of the door on that hook.  Sigh.

At supper I set our salads down while Left Brain brought in our steak off the grill and he must have decided it should be a "tossed salad" as he bumped the TV tray and sent mine flying.  But I had just vacummed the floor yesterday...I think. Was it yesterday?  I don't remember.  Anyway, it was sometime fairly recent.  I think.  I'm not sure.  Regardless, I scooped it up off the carpet and put it back in the dish since he insisted on trading with me and would take the "tossed" salad.

As my eyes slitted open this morning I noticed the sunrise through his window.  This got me in fast motion and I quickly dressed and ran outside to get a photo.  I forgot to grab my glasses.  I wonder where they are?  Oh well, thank goodness for autofocus features!  I even snapped one of the bunny snacking on our old cornbread that I offered to the birds. 

Actually I almost stepped on him since I couldn't see anything without my glasses.  I'll have to look for those next.

Maybe it's time to do those dishes again.

Long Live the Queen of Forgetfulness


  1. WOW...I guess I didn't get up early enough in the morning to see this...I wish I were there with you!

  2. Fog greeted us this opening day of deer season- not that that stopped the hunters from shooting. I wonder if they had their glasses on!

  3. Oh, what a gorgeous sky! Your photos are beautiful. I'm so glad you didn't step on that adorable little bunny.

    I loved your photos from the RV park. My favorites would be Dot's Diner and the Boathouse. I think it would be such fun to spend the night in the boathouse.

    I'm at work, and Mrs is calling. You have a great night, hugs, Edna B.