Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Outside looking in

Well, we've been full-timing for over six months now and it's going pretty good.  There have been some bumpy spots, as expected, but nothing too terrible.

When I have an attack of the blues I enjoy torturing myself by thinking of the gardens and artwork I used to busy myself with, and the freedom of picking up the phone and arranging an outing with a friend and then try to remind myself of the good things this new life has brought.

Traveling has it's own reward and I thoroughly enjoy the photography involved in exploring areas of our country.  But the downside of traveling is that you never really fit in.  It sometimes feels like a little girl watching through the window at the people gathered together and sharing their private jokes.

Sometimes I miss going to a favorite restaurant and seeing the familiar faces and banter that goes on.  On the road you have a constant anonymity.  At times that is nice, other times I just feel left out.

But then we land in an area like Benson AZ where there are so many things to see and do that I think we may have extend for another week before moving on.  It's fairly close to Tucson and after looking at the RV parks in that area (and the prices!) I do believe we'll settle in here a bit longer and drive into Tucson to take in those attractions.

This puts more miles on the car, but it gets much better mileage, so that's the plan.

Long Live the Queen


  1. I'm so glad that you found someone who does windows.
    PS The Indian place is closed on Mondays so we had Mexican in your honor. We had shrimp and fish tacos with Mango Salsa a la Cheryl...

  2. Your RV lot looks pretty nice. What's the little building next to it? It looks like an adorable little house. Just big enough for Pogo and me. lol. My mother separate my brother and I from the rest of the family when we were just little kids, We have a big family, but don't really know them. So I always feel like a third wheel at a family function, even though most of the family was my husband's. So I can understand that "outsider" feeling. But, you will always fit in with Him. You have a great night, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Be sure to check out Rincon East in Tucson. We have stayed there several times and the hot tub is to kill for. Closed in sliding glass doors so the wind doesn't get you on a cool nite but the roof has an opening to see the moon! They have a writers group, computer group, photography club (not like LaX) but they own camera's...! and lot's of other great things to do. Easy to make friends and lots from Wisconsin and Minnesota. Let me know if you stop there as I will have you get intouch with Matt to look at some park models for us.