Thursday, November 22, 2012

Making new friends

Thank you to Andrea for this photo - just what I needed for today's posting

It's really a very small world we live in.  Just when I was starting to miss having friends out here on the road, they seem to come in droves.  As my newest friend, Kay, told me...I manifest well.

Social media is a great way to stay in touch, as well as meeting new people.  You just have to be careful, because there are so real nuts out there.  I know, because now I've met them!

While chatting on Facebook with Big Al, he mentioned that his wife's mother lived in Benson.  Well, fancy that.  I'll have to get her address and run into town and meet her.  Found out I don't need to go that far, she lives here in the RV park. 

During a Skype visit on Left Brain's birthday there was a knock on the door.  It was Betty coming to say hello.  I think it may have been to get her daughter off her back about hooking up with me.  We sat outside and chatted for a bit while the kids were singing birthday and visiting with Left Brain.  After the call he come out and said hi also.  Then it got cold enough we all just wanted to retreat to the warmth of our respective rigs.

Big Al had also "virtually" introduced me to his friend Kay and her husband, Tom via Facebook.  We'd been keeping in touch through Facebook for some time and I was hoping to meet them someday.  Well, it appears they arrived in Benson to stay at the park also.  In fact, after meeting them, they said they had driven by our RV but didn't stop because we had company.  That would have been when I was getting to know Betty.

We agreed to meet for doughnuts and coffee the next morning to talk in person.  So Left Brain and I picked them up at 8:30 and took them to one of their favorite doughnut places in the US, right here in Benson.  And talk we did.  At least Kay and I cluttered the air with chatter.  Left Brain and Tom did their best to interject comments occassionally. To say we hit it off would be an understatement.

After a two hour chat at the doughnut place we took them home and they gave us a tour of their Hitchhiker fifth wheel and we visited another hour before Left Brain peeled me away from my newest friend to go home.

We learned a lot about what to expect at Quartzite in January and they agreed to show us how to geocache.  Now I'm really starting to have fun.  There is just no substitute for enjoying the company of women.  I had just enjoyed an hour and a half phone chat with the Divine Miss M the day before, so I am totally blissed out now.

To get my other female companionship fixes I've been hanging out around the jigsaw puzzles in the clubhouse.  It's a wonderful room with large tables, good lighting and at least three or four puzzles going all at the same time.

It just goes to show that if you keep your intentions open and watch for the blessings, they will be bestowed upon you.  I've felt so blessed in so many ways it would be impossible to list them all here. 

Long Live the Queen of Abundance


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  1. First, I just love that cat!! I agree with you, we don't have to go far to see how blessed we are. There are blessings all around us, and if we are lucky, we will see them.

    It's good to see that you are making new friends. Having friends turns a "park" into a neighborhood.

    Pogo and I are having a wonderful day. Earlier, a granddaughter and her son stopped by for a visit. A little while ago, daughter Deanne stopped by with my youngest granddaughter, Jasmine. Jasmine brought me an apple pie and a cranberry bread that she had just baked. Yummy!

    I'm wishing you a beautiful Thanksgiving Day. Hugs, Edna B.