Friday, November 16, 2012

Bisbee AZ

I'm guessing most people have never heard of Bisbee AZ.  I know I had not until reading Nick Russell's book on "Overlooked Arizona".  When I saw his write up on the Shady Dell RV Park, I just had to go and see it.

Now I was really excited to visit here and had my whole speech about being a writer and whatever other lies were necessary to get a tour of the place. 

But none of that was necessary as the office didn't open until 3:00...way too long a wait for us, being the impatient people we are.

So I just snapped away as many photos as I could through the fence to capture some of the flavor for you.

Think of this as a motel, but instead of a room or little cabin you are offered a choice of which vintage RV you'd like to sleep in for the night.

I think this is just a smashing idea and wished we could have seen the inside of at least one or two of them.  Oh heck, I wanted to see inside ALL of them.

Some of them were tiny.

One of them was actually a boat.

All of them were cute.

In addition to the many RV's to rent, they had the old taxi cab and this truck.  I just love rusty old trucks.

Bisbee started as a mining town and many of the houses were built into the hillside.

We noticed that downtown a lot of the houses had bridges leading to the house, or the house built over the runway for the water.

It is interesting to us to see how other people live and the changes in the terrain as we go from one area to another.

Our next stop is the Kartchner Caverns.  You need reservations to do these tours as they are limited to small groups.  Unfortunately no photography is allowed.  They have many restrictions on what goes down there, no strollers, backpacks, children, etc.

Long Live the Queen of the Tourists


  1. I'm glad you got to see Shady Dell--at least from the outside! We went there a few years ago and got to see inside several of the units. They are decorated with period appliances and fabrics--some of which were a bit outrageous. One had a leopard print sofa. A "honeymoon suite" was mostly a big bed with mirrored ceiling above. There were chenille bedspreads and other great, quirky accents. We even ate some yummy burgers at the old diner. Brings back good memories!

  2. We've been to Bisbee many times but this Motel never popped out at us...must have been off the beaten path. Did you see the house with all the salmon colored "things" like chairs, instruments, tools, etc on it? Fun shops and the hotel has great food. Mary Ann