Thursday, July 21, 2016

Hauling Rocks Around the Yard

Ok, I am truly in  my element now.  I found a garden center that sells field stone for $18 a tubful, and it's a large tub.

My first visit I thought I had plenty, but after lugging them home and putting them in place it was obvious I needed another batch.

It's a good thing my shoulder has healed because first you place the rocks into the bin for measuring the quantity.  Then you pull them out and place in the back of the car.  Once home it's hauling them out of the trunk into a pile to be washed.  Then it's one more move to put them into their new homes.

Since rocks look really weird if they are just sitting on the ground, you need to dig a small depression to settle them in and then back fill the area with dirt.  I'd normally say soil, but this stuff is purely dirt.

My little garden is really looking established now with a meandering line of rocks at the edge.  

The most fun area is in the full sun, where I piled extra rocks to tuck in some hens and chicks and ajuga. 

 This is the area that had the septic connection, but that site is no longer used, so I wanted to cover up the concrete and pipe and make it blend in with the garden.

One of my favorite flowers is the butterfly weed, and they look the best cascading over some rocks, so now the look is complete.

It's so good to have a garden again.

Long Live the Queen of Rocks


  1. Oh sweetie, I am so glad you got to handle some rocks and dirt. Your inspiration in unending.

  2. Enjoy the beauty of the elements. Lookin' good.

  3. I love your garden. It looks like it just naturally grew there. But of course, that was the plan. Very nice my friend. Enjoy your garden and have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.