Sunday, September 20, 2015

Zeke's new wardrobe

I've had a blast creating a wardrobe for my granddog, Zeke.  My goal is to have a neck scarf for each season or special occasion.  Before leaving the area we had a photo session to show off his new duds.

This project started with grabbing up some Patriotic fabric on sale after the Fourth of July.

Since they live in Minnesota, the Viking fabric was required.

Kiersten plays soccer, so this is so he can show his support at her games.  Sorry Emily, he's not allowed indoors for your volleyball games, thus no scarf was created for volleyball.

Fall is coming and that required a Halloween theme.

Then there's the winter one.

And, finally....the Christmas one.

I'll have to wait until the Valentine's Day and St Patrick's Day fabrics become available and mail them to him.

He'll be the best dressed dog on the block!

But sometimes a guy just wants to get naked and watch a little TV.  Especially when the show involves Left Brain flying his quad copter.

Long Live the Queen of Grand Dogs


  1. glad it's just neckerchiefs and not pants and shirts. :)

  2. How adorable! Those could easily sell at pet fairs. Again, you are so talented and creative. I can sew a bit by hand, but never learned to use a machine really. I inherited a machine but gave it away to someone who knew how to sew and make things.
    Zeke is adorable!

  3. Cute. But that is dog-abuse, making him be a Viking fan. :)

  4. What gorgeous photos of Zeke in his new duds. I have to agree about the doggie abuse though. He would look much better as a Patriots fan!!! haha. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. Oh my goodness! Dog lovers everywhere will absolutely love these photographs. I think Zeke must be one of the coolest, and best dressed, dogs on the internet. I love the way you have dressed him up! But, I couldn’t decide which scarf suits him better - the soccer themed one or the Christmas scarf. I also really like the scarf with the candy pattern. I cannot wait until you make some more. :)

    Angella Frasier @ 4-Wardrobe