Monday, September 21, 2015

Driftless Art Festival

On last stop in Wisconsin was to camp at Soldiers Grove, population 526.  Why you might ask?  To visit one of my favorite art shows and all my artist friends!

We set up Friday night so I could go over and surprise my friend Beth on Saturday morning.  And surprised she was! 

Joining her this year is her 11 year old granddaughter, Angel. She's probably the best assistant Beth has ever had since I was never much help in watching her booth.  I was always the one running around and visiting with everybody else.  Must be that ADD thing.

Our friends Suzanne and Rick came down to visit and take in the show as well.  Suzanne had knee surgery and wasn't able to do the show this year, so she shared in the strangeness of actually being able to walk about and see what all the other vendors have for sale.

It was while taking in the show with Suzanne and Rick that I ran into my cousin, Jean.

Saturday night meant supper at the little bar we all frequent for some of the best food around these parts.  My date for the night was Andy, another glass artist.  This is his booth.

I wasn't able to get photos of everybody showing at this event, but here is Deloras Vind and her fabulous felted art.

Linda Mast is a very creative jewelry artist.  He has her husband and step daughter assisting her this year.

There were so many other artists here, but the photos I tried to take of their booth just didn't turn out well.

On Sunday Karen and Irving came to take in some music so I joined them for lunch and some of the entertainment before they headed off again.  Karen and I dined on French crepes with spinach, feta cheese and nuts - yum!

It's a great festival, with music and lots of great food.  And as much as I was happy to see everybody, I'm looking forward to hitting the road.

Long Live the Queen of Festivals and Friends


  1. My card broke so my pics will never see the light of day... unless I find a techie who can retrieve them. AND we didn't get a pic of both of us. Double drat. It was a gorgeous day and we caught a glimpse of Seymore on the way out. Didn't want to interrupt the Packer game for the aficionado...

  2. Oh, this looks so nice. I admire artsy people. The weather looks like it cooperated, too. Your friends look like you: creative, fun, and friendly. That is a nice blend!

  3. Oh, I just love craft fairs! What wonderful photos. I just love the glass works and that felted piece. Gorgeous!! This afternoon, I'm watching a three hour presentation of Tiffany Style stained glass items. Oh my they are just beautiful. No, I won't be buying any, but I just love looking at them. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.