Sunday, September 27, 2015

Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee

Can you tell we've been without internet for a while?  Time to catch up!

After leaving my new soul sister in Illinois we headed into Indiana for our first night's stay.  We were both quite tired from the longer than normal driving and stayed two days to rest up.

The laundry was directly across the street...oh joy!  

With visions of clean undies I traipsed over and found only one of the three washers and driers didn't have a "not working" sign on it.  

So I joyfully dumped in my clothes, plunged in my quarters and....nothing.  Bummer.  I pulled everything out and started the trek back to the RV.

This is where I met Mark, who I proceeded to sit and visit with back at my campsite.  He was an interesting guy with lots to report on his court ordered anger management course.  Soon he was joined by his girlfriend who is a National Goat Judge and flies all over the country judging goats.  Interesting people you meet our here.

Later the laundry was working again but there were wet clothes in the washer, so I did a random act of kindness and put them into the dryer.  The owner showed up when they were coming out and insisted on repaying me the money.  Since he only had one arm, I proceeded to fold the laundry for him as he told me the story of how his arm was cut off.

By the afternoon I had discovered I had not yet opened the gift bag from McGuffy, so took care of that immediately.  Lots of new cat toys for the kitties, which a certain calico took to spreading about the RV at once.

That evening I had my first football lesson while watching the Giants and the Redskins play.  I hate to admit it, but it was kind of interesting.  I sure have lots to learn about this game, there are so many rules and strategies.

Our next stop was at a soggy muddy mess in Kentucky.  The Elvis song "Kentucky Rain".  This was a matter of handing over $25 cash in the rain, no paperwork; but we had a pull through site so we could leave the car on for immediate departure in the morning.

I had a nice long cell chat with Marti, who is in Myrtle Beach SC at this time.  She was asking if I could hear the ocean waves from her balcony.  Nope, all I could hear was the rain pouring down on our roof.

My original plan was to visit Hillbilly Hotdogs in West Virginia on our way, but that deviation would have taken too much of our time and we wouldn't have been able to connect with her when she moves into North Carolina. So, she knows how much my friendship means to pass up such a delight just to be able to visit in person.

Finally we settled into the Escapee park in Tennessee and paid for a week stay.  We have a nice long site that will allow us to hook up before leaving, with a narrow strip of grass for the cat tent and tunnel.  There's a little tree for shade and we're near the office and laundry, so that's convenient.

Our hotspot is working nicely here, so internet is now available for this stay...hallelujah!  We rested up Saturday and of course Sunday means football, so I'll spend the day cooking and baking so I'll have time to explore the Smoky Mountains this week.

Long Live the Queen


  1. I am glad you are all safe and sound. I love Tennessee. I look forward to your stories of Tennessee. I look forward to more memoir pieces, too. You write very well.
    I hope you have great weather this week. Enjoy the games, both football and Gracie's with the toys. Stay safe. Hugs to all of you.

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  3. Wow, you sure do cover a lot of ground in just a little time. I love Tennessee. It's really a beautiful state. I drove their twice years ago with a friend. The first time we spent a week discovering all the wonderful sights in Nashville. The second time, we spent a whole week at Fan Fair, meeting all the country singers and attending concerts. Oh my, it was such fun!

    Enjoy your stay in Tennessee, and have a super week. Hugs, Edna B.