Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Death of a Mouse

It seems each animal has their favorite toy.  One that gets mauled and mangled over and over until it has been played to death.

Such is the case with Yellow Mouse.  Every morning a play session of sneaking up and attacking Yellow Mouse is required before anything else.  Once this is accomplished, the day can proceed.

But he finally just couldn't hold it together any more and had more of his insides outside than inside.

What to do?

I stitched him up the best I could, but there wasn't much fabric left to work with, so he looked pretty pathetic.

Throwing it away was NOT an option!

So I proceeded to yarn bomb him during one of our drives.

This was a combination of crocheting a long chain of yarn and then stitching it into place with some upholstery thread.

The only thing remaining to show his previous incarnation was the yellow ears poking out.

Since it's a multi-colored yarn, I did consider renaming him Multi Mouse, but just couldn't do it.  Sounds too much like Mighty Mouse.

Gracie....are you SURE this is the same mouse?
Yes George...embrace the change!
He may have altered his outward appearance, but inside he'll always be the one .....the only.....Yellow Mouse.  Or as Left Brain refers to him "The Mouse Formerly Known as Yellow"

Long Live the Queen of Cat Toys


  1. That is very creative mending you did there. So, Yellow Mouse got a makeover. This is so cute. The captions fit perfectly with George and Gracie's expressions. Chloe Jo was this way with her first toy. We have no idea what happened to it. It took years for her to get over his disappearance. Now she lives for wand toy play. Her favourite is Blue Bird, though he needs a makeover, now. Yes, kind of like Yellow Mouse. (Good Grief.)

  2. That was very clever and George seems thrilled with the results.

  3. I wasn't sure George would buy it ... but what do I know about cats?

  4. Amazing makeover!! I'm surprised that George took to his "new" mouse so well. Your new rendition of Yellow Mouse is very creative, and I think you're right. Changing the mouse's name is not really an option. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.