Thursday, September 17, 2015

Gracie reminiscing about Ham Lake

Gracie here....the Queen is off doing who knows what.

The air is getting cooler and it made me think of those warm summer days back at the Ham Lake Campground.

I'm not prone to having such fond memories, mainly I focus on attacking my Yellow Mouse, napping and eating.

But it was special there.  One of my favorite things was the little garden that my personal assistant (the Queen) created with her plantings.

The afternoons were the best! That was Harness Hour, kind of like a Happy Hour for us cats.We were free of the restrictions of the tent and could pretend we were running free.  Sometimes I escape and do run free for about an hour or so.  The Queen and Left Brain get so upset and I don't know why.  I know right where I am and always come back...what's the big deal?

It felt so good to roll in the bark, even though the Queen grumbled about having to brush me again when I was done.  What's wrong with that?  I LOVE being brushed.

Working on my tan here - my belly is so white!

George and Lucky had kind of a long distance bromance going on.  Lucky would come over to visit, but never quite get into George's reach.  I think that's why they called him Lucky, cause George probably would have scratched his eyes out.

It's really hard to look like a rough and tough cat wearing that bandanna. was a magical time being outside in the sun and wind.

All that fresh air really tires a girl out.  I usually had to take a nap in my box when I was back inside the RV to recover.  It's a rough life but somebody's gotta do it.

Long Live the Queen of Cats


  1. My goodness Gracie. Such a tough life!!! I'll have to admit though, you sure look beautiful sprawled out in the garden. Tell George that I think the bandana makes him look quite macho. Even Pogo thinks it's a great look. And, I love your little basket by the window. It looks so cozy. You have a nice rest, and tell your mom that I hope she has a wonderful evening. Hugs, from me and Pogo.

  2. Ha! Great post, Gracie. I knew you had this in you. I did always think the profile picture should be you: the Queen. After all, shouldn't George be the King? Just sayin'. Adorable pictures of you here. I like your spunk!

  3. I love it when the kitties comment. They sound just like you. Witty witticisms. I know you and the felines are only visiting temporarily, but you wouldn't be disappointed with a browse by at Dragonfly Pond & Eagle Nest Garden. Anytime. No notice of your Queenly Presence necessary.😊 happy pickleballing.

  4. Oh Gracie ... the good life and you have it all. And, I know you "graci"ously share it with George, who seems to be at your beck and call. Good that the Queen departs now and then so you can take the helm of her blog. You have much to say as you see the world in ways we can't. Rest well your highness ...

    Andrea, Chachi, Fonzi, Diva and Izzi :) (my munchins had to get into the act :)

  5. Gracie you are just so precious. Loved your belly shots, hope you got the tan you wanted. Good thing George and Lucky keep a safe distance. You all have a wonderful weekend.