Monday, March 2, 2015

Apache Junction

The Visitors Center in Apache Junction has buildings on the grounds to rival any old western movie set, so we set off in pursuit of some photos from this area.

The logo is of the Lost Dutchman, a common theme in these parts.

These lovely fluffy looking cactus are called cholla and can be very painful if you get even near them.

The church was cute and looked nice with red stagecoach parked nearby.  The other view shows the mountains behind it.

Who would have ever guessed that Elvis was leading the service that day...I'm still all shook up over that.

Shayna....this made me think of your mother.  She'd have loved going to this church.

There was a lot of old machinery, which I love to photo.  There's something about metal gears and such that excite me even though I have no clue what they did in their prior life.

Indoors they had lots of old stuff on display, like these cool washing machines and old wooden saddle.

The sign on this coffin says "why walk around half dead when we can bury you for $22.50".  Such a deal.  I wonder if a person was tight for money if they could arrange a "lay away" plan.

Then we went to visit the Mining Camp Restaurant to see what it looked like since it was just up the road.  This got us up close and personal with Superstition Mountain.

They had a cute replica of a mill next to it and once I removed the house and applied a filter it said "old west" to me.

This old safe was sitting outside.  I was tempted to open it, but with all the rattlesnake warnings didn't want to push my luck.

Long Live the Queen of Old Western Artifacts


  1. some great old stuff, there. and great natural backdrops for these places. :)

  2. You captured some really nice shots. I need to get over there and stroll around when we go back to the Elks next week. Enjoy the Escapade :-)

  3. I agree, you have some really great shots here. The scenery is just gorgeous. I love the photo of Superstition Mountain. If I look at it long enough, I can see all sorts of things carved into it. I wonder what the superstition about it is. Elvis sang a lot of wonderful gospel songs so I think I would enjoy a tour of the church. You have a super evening, Hugs, Edna B.

  4. I love this area, especially Superstition Mtn. Canyon Lake near there was also beautiful. One of the great things about going to Mayo, Phoenix, was visiting this area.