Thursday, March 26, 2015

Downtime in Texas

After several days of traveling through Texas (it takes a long time) we are settled in for a week at the Turtle Bayou RV Park in Wallisville TX.  In the office was a black kitten with little white paws running and playing.  The lady is trying to find a good home for her and if we were not filled up with our two I could see her joining our family.

We were not able to be parked near the bayou (and the gators) due to the recent rain and flooding.  Our consolation prize was being put on a concrete slab near the office.  I can live with that since our stay here is more about resting, cleaning and catching up on laundry anyway. 

This lovely bush is blooming next to the laundry room.

The internet here is free and actually very fast...hallelujah!  Most of the park is inhabited by people working on the oil wells so they're gone most the day so it's pretty quiet.  We'll see what the weekend brings with them.

This bush is in our view behind us.

Our next door neighbors are a retired couple and the mother-in-law.  The ladies came over to say hi and she wanted to see what it was I was putting on the steering wheel.  She'd not seen a steering wheel table before so I invited them in for a look and demonstration.

She reciprocated with a tour of their 43 foot motorhome and handed me two slices of freshly baked, still warm, pumpkin bread with a glazed topping.  I think I'm going to like it here!

George and Gracie are thrilled to romp about on green grass again instead of sand, gravel and dirt.  Everything here is so green!  Such a shocker after living the life of a desert nomad. We are close to I-10 so there is a lot of highway noise, but it's like a white noise to us and I don't mind it at all.  I prefer that to sporadic sounds from trains.

We had an early supper of sausage and pancakes followed by two much needed showers.  What a difference it makes to be clean and relaxed.

More flowers near by.

The following day Left Brain took off for a nice long bike ride and I'm playing with the computer and catching up on my reading. I plan to clean out some things and carry the laundry over since it's right next door.

We'll probably take time to visit some family in the Houston area since it's only about an hour away and we'll take a run into Galveston for a visit sometime during our stay.

Full hookups and fast internet - I'm in Heaven.  Now if they just had pickleball courts.

Long Live the Queen of Texas (Yes's me...not you)


  1. pretty blooms! i'm glad you're not next to the bayou as i'd see the cats being gator bait in their tunnel!

  2. I agree with T. Watch the gators and those tunnels, anywhere near water. Gators travel a long way and fast.
    Enjoy the Indian Paintbrushes, Bluebonnets, and Buttercups. I loved those as a kid. I look forward to hearing about Galveston. Great memories.

  3. Well, as I am trying to catch up on my reading, I went back through several of your posts and the impression I was left with was RAIN ...I had been looking forward to Spring, but you have reminded me that there is a down side to that transitional time. Though I must admit it beats the freezing temperatures we are enduring today. However, I am happy to see you have landed in a sunny spot with wonderful spring flowers and some distance between George and Gracie and the alligators. That would be my biggest worry under the circumstances. I have friends in Houston and have been there many times. It is quite the place as is Galveston, though I have to admit I was disappointed in the brown water in the gulf. At least it was brown the day we were there, ugh! I loved the stained glass in your historic restaurant and great Mexican food sounds good right now. It is hard to come by in most places. So my traveling Queen, I am as caught up as I am going to get and hopefully I will be able to stay abreast from now on. Let me know if you are going to be passing through our neck of the woods when you head home ... would love to see you again:) Be well Queen of Limp Along (or should I say Over do). Hope whatever you pulled has healed.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Oh the flowers look awesome! Your new park sounds pretty nice. Left Brain looks rather happy to be sitting outside with his newspaper. We are having more snow tonight and tomorrow. Would you believe? Hopefully, it will skip through here quickly and move on out to sea. Yesterday I bought a pot of deep rose pink calla lilies. I have hopes of planting them in the yard sometime before Fall sets in. haha. Enjoy your wonderful weather and fast internet. Have a super weekend, hugs, Edna B.