Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our First Elks Lodging

We woke to the crashing and banging of a major thunderstorm in Fort Stockton, with the wind making See-More (our RV) do the shimmy shake.  My mind instantly wondered if a tornado was imminent, but then my mind tends to focus on the worst possible scenario.  It was just a good old-fashioned Texas thunder boomer.  George hid behind the bed and I tried to comfort him by placing my hand on his back.  But every time there was a loud BOOM!! my hand would flinch, so I'm afraid I wasn't much help.  Gracie just stared down the storm from the front windshield.

All that rain transformed our dirt yard into swirly mud with large puddles.  I'm so glad Left Brain handles the outside chores for the most part.  We had unhooked the car the night before so it would be all ready for the vehicle inspection; so right after a quick breakfast, we drove over to take care of this chore.

We were immediately turned away as their rules don't allow testing the braking system when it's been raining.  So we hooked up the car (that could have remained hooked up all along since we had a pull through site...grrrr) in the rain.  I get to join in the fun for this part, so both of us got wet.

I took the wheel for the first leg of our journey and after about an hour decided to turn it over to Left Brain.  It was starting to rain and with the severe cross winds I just wasn't feeling comfortable.  His driving skills are so much better than mine, but I do like to take my turn at the wheel to stay familiar with the task.

We stopped for lunch at a McDonald's and as soon as we were ready to depart, our RV had been pinned in by several trucks preparing to convoy to their next site.  

No one was willing to move an inch to let us out, so Left Brain maneuvered the RV very close to one of them and managed to break through.  I wouldn't have attempted it; it didn't look possible, but he can gauge distances much better.  I would have just sat back and read my book or worked on my knitting and waited for them.

We arrived at the Elks Lodge in San Antonio about 3:00.  There's only space for five RVs and we were number six.  Uh oh.  But then a nice man came out and said we could park along the fence.  Left Brain had just positioned the RV into place with another guy pulled up and said he'd move the truck that didn't belong there so we could take its spot.  Sweet.  Except the truck wouldn't start, so we had to still move the RV one more time.

It was at this point Gracie made a break for freedom,but thankfully Left Brain grabbed that long bushy tail and snagged her before she could go meet the dog running around loose next door.  She doesn't often do this, but with the rainy weather and long drives I guess had reached her level of cabin fever.

We ended up parked in front of the shed and we'll call this home for the next three days while we wait out the weekend and the rain that comes with it.  It's like having our own personal cloud hovering over us.

I filled out the paperwork and took my $45 inside to pay for our three day stay...not bad for paved parking that includes internet, electric and San Antonio.  I'd say that Elk membership of $73 for the year just paid for itself.  We're dry and comfortable and found a nearby theater to watch The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Left Brain finally found a vehicle inspection station that we can visit when we leave on Monday.  The rules are confusing as to when this needs to be done.  It's either the minute you re-enter Texas or within five days or something.  We're anxious to get it done, pay our money and cross it off our list of things to do.

Long Live the Queen of Dampness


  1. be aware that texas just changed their vehicle registration/inspection laws to combine the two into two steps/one sticker. you need the inspection done and passed before you can register your vehicle, now. it'll take a while to get both pieces in sync so just wanted to note that to you. :)

    glad your elk's membership was a wise choice!

    1. Got our vehicle inspection done today - one step done. Went easier than last time.

    2. Got our vehicle inspection done today - one step done. Went easier than last time.

  2. That cloud is better than the snow clouds above us today!

  3. It's always something. It is good that you found a convenient sand safe place to hunker down and wait out the rains. I am sure you are relieved to be able to get the inspection done soon, too. So much red tape, all to make life "easier".
    Thanks for the kind comment about my girls. Chloe Jo & Maggie both have some serious issues going on. As long as we can keep them happy with a good quality of life, that is what it is about. More issues and med changes for Chloe Jo. Maggie has cardiomyopathy, so we are getting her adjusted to a couple of meds. I did not see it coming; no one did. (I am devastated.)

  4. I'm glad that you are out of the mud puddles. They can create problems. The auto sticker process seems quite confusing. That's a great photo of Gracie. I can understand her wanting to get outdoors. They are so used to being out in their tent city. Hopefully the rains will pass soon and the sun will be shining again. Meanwhile you have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. I loved reading this post and I have to say that I also wouldn't be able to travel and enjoy my RV lifestyle just as much without my cat. I think my cat Thimble would be mad if I came home with another cat one day, but I do see you all as a very happy traveling family.

    Garrett Newman @ Branson Regal