Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bowl Things

You know how hard it is to heat a bowl of soup and then get a grip on it with pot holders to extract it from the microwave?

Well, my sister-in-law Mary has the perfect solution.  She found these at a craft fair and showed it to me.

It consists of fabric with two layers of batting in the center and tapered on four sides to snug up to the bowl.  It allows you to grab the edges of the fabric and lift it up and out of the microwave.  You can then hold your bowl while eating without burning your hands.

I borrowed hers for a couple of days and drafted a pattern to make some for myself.  It only took me two tries to get the size I want for my home.

It was put to use the other night when I had a bowl of my red curry soup and it worked so slick I went on a frenzied search for remnants of fabric large enough to make more.

Okay, I've really got to stop making these!

Ta Da!  If anyone would like the pattern, let me know.

Long Live the Queen of Hot Stuff


  1. Heck forget the pattern, I want one.

    1. Just one? I would think you'd need one for Nature Man as well. Remind me when I see you back in La Crosse and I'll give you your pick.

  2. I can't sew. How much for the real deal? These are awesome things, my friend. I use "Ove Gloves" for most "hot things".
    So...if you are the Queen of Hot Stuff, does that make Left Brain Hot Stuff? Ha!

    1. I'd be glad to send a couple to you. Do you have any special fabric or theme you'd like them done in? They'd be easy and light to mail.

  3. These are wonderful, and definitely handy. I usually just mutter a few choice words while trying to take the hot bowls from the microwave. I'm thinking of getting a new sewing machine this Spring and these would be a fun way to try it out. I'd love the pattern.

    I also want to try making a photo quilt. I started one many years ago, but work and life got in the way and I never did get my quilt made. Pogo and I are home now, and of course, once we got here it started snowing again. You just gotta love this New England weather.

    There's tons of stuff (bills, etc) waiting to be done, so I guess I'd better get started. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.