Monday, March 16, 2015

Chiricahua National Monument

Our first stop after the Escapade was in Willcox AZ.  Total miles driven ....about 65.  At the Escapade we took steps to become members of the Elks Lodge in order to take advantage of their cheap RV parking on future trips.  This is an accelerated membership and only requires attending one meeting and that will be on Monday night, giving us a couple of days to explore the area.

Left Brain enjoying the view and trying not to look like he's cold....which he was.
We could have stayed at the Elks Lodge while we waited, but the reviews on this lodging complained about the noise of the railroad tracks next to the lodge.  So instead we hunkered down at the Fort Willcox RV Park because it had full hookups and free wifi.  Apparently it's free because you can never get on it, but our Sprint hot spot is working pretty good here, so at least I can continue my blog posts.

the road to the mountains
The other nice feature of this RV park is the sale of freshly baked pies and since it was International Pi Day when we stopped, I picked up an apple pie to celebrate the event.  They also advertise free waffles and coffee each morning, so we signed up for that as well.  You need to bring your own cup for the coffee and the waffles were made fresh and put on a paper plate to carry back to the rig since there was no seating in the Waffle Room. Tasty, but didn't seem worth the hassle.
A Wonderland of Rocks

pretty purple flowers evading the wind gusts up on the mountains

lichen on the rocks
Our first day was spent setting up, cleaning house now that we have full use of water and getting some cooking done.

Chochise head

The next day we drove to see the Chiricahua National Monument, about 36 miles from where we are staying.  The Apaches called the Chiricahua Mountains the "land of standing up rocks".    Erosion has left so many of the formations precariously balanced that they seem to defy gravity.  It makes you take those "falling rocks" signs seriously.

Geronimo eluded US soldiers for years in this maze before surrendering in 1886. I would have gotten myself totally lost in here with my wacky sense of direction.

The eight mile scenic drive takes you up to an elevation of 6870 feet for spectacular views of the mountains and valley.  There were some hikes but due to the 25 mph sustained winds and high altitude it was too cold for us to venture out very far.

On our way back we stopped at Pizza Hut for lunch to use the gift coupon for a free pizza that we won at the Escapade.

We spotted this EarthRoamer RV at the top of the mountain.
 This is designed for some serious traveling and has a wench built into the front of the rig.

All in all it was a pleasant day and since lunch was quite late it looks like apple pie will be served for supper.  Works for me.

Long Live the Queen of Rocks


  1. wonderful rock formations and love the ribbony road.

  2. Wow, the scenery is just awesome! That road is something else. I just love the photos of the wonderland of rocks. Nature is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. Hugs, Edna B.