Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter wonderland

I love these cold winter mornings.  Waking up with the puffy comforter pulled tight to me and snuggling with Left Brain until I have sucked all the heat possible out of his body.  Then it's time to get up.

I kick the furnace on (or up if it's been really cold during the night) and stumble into my sweats and fuzzy socks.  Then I turn on the computer and while it's booting up I fix my breakfast of dry honey nut cheerios and coke zero...the breakfast of champions.  Or on those really cold mornings I'll pop a hot cocoa into the Keurig, adding lots of marshmallows of course, so I have something to warm my hands.  My understanding is that the marshmallows help to conserve the heat of the brew.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The interior of our mobile paradise is snug with all the blinds pulled down to conserve the warmth, and the light coming through in the morning gives the feeling of being inside a coccoon.

I like to nestle into my bench seat at the table with legs folded up and pull a quilt over my legs until the furnace starts to make things really toasty.  Then I settle down to the serious business of checking email, reading Facebook and my blogs, followed by some senseless computer games...oh it's a good life, this retirement.

While the caffeine starts to percolate my brain and I come awake I begin planning my day.  Hmmm, what would the Queen enjoy today?  Life at Carriage Manor has me spoiled now with all the activities and things to do; but I know that after we leave here I will be just as excited about the prospect of going for a hike or what ever the area has to offer.  I'm pretty easily entertained.

But the cold quiet mornings are a special delight during this winter period.  Yes, I truly love winter in the southern climate.

Long Live the Queen of Winter

PS - Sorry for the dearth of photos lately - Blogger has declared some sort of mutiny and I have to load them through my Picassa albums.  I'll get more things loaded to keep the photos coming.


  1. It's good that you're enjoying your cold mornings. I, on the other hand, only like them for a little while then I want the warm weather back. Pogo only snuggles until I move a bit, then he hops down and goes to his own little bed.

    I love the photo of the dog and the kitten. Animals trust, and they take care of each other. Oh my, on TV just now, they are asking folks to send get well cards to the Aflac duck at It seems he has a fractured beak. I'll have to check this web address out. Imagine! Hmmm, wonder how that happened? Oh well, you have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Well, lets start with marshmellows holding in the heat of your hot cocoa ... Really, "Queen of Rationalization"? If you want to go that route, fat holds in your body heat too ... hmmmm. Well, whatever, the truth is,the marshmellows are the best part of the hot cocoa.

    Then there is winter in the Southern climate. Cold, blankets, cocoa ... you're from Minnesota and you still call that winter ... hmmmm, again. I know, I know, everything is relative. In Texas, 40 degrees is freezing and intolerable. I roll in laughter when I read your blog. And, I know if we were to trade places, I would be saying the same things.

    Speaking of the same ... your comment on my MOM was right on. Your words put it better than my own thoughts. That is exactly where I was coming from. We do tend to think alike about many things, even though, as I have said before, we come from very different places. It must have something to do with maturing out of our past and coming into our own. Whatever it is, I appreciate it as it acknowledging who we are. One difference is, however, that I don't snuggle with my left brainer ... my cold feet send him up the wall. I have to rely on my 20 pound cat on my chest to keep me warm. And, he does keep me warm, but, have you seen the ad about COPD and the elephant on your chest ... that's me, every morning when the Chachi cat come to settle on me. He doesn't do it out of kindness. It is his way of saying "Time to get up and feed me!" Chachi is the spokesperson for the "feed me" of the whole crew. The rest of them just sit around and wait for him to speak up. Pets are the greatest ...

    Well, I am rambling so I will go for now, Queen of Winter. Stay warm (So sorry it's cold down there) :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol